Monday, February 15, 2016

Hybrid Dolphins

Bryan wasn't just a ring general
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One of the knocks on Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan has been his lack of charisma. Of course, such claims come from people who rarely if ever have watched him emote or speak on a microphone. Granted, his earlier career was built upon a foundation of technical wrestling and intense matches. Even at his height in WWE, he's always come off a little bit like a goober. But man, if you ever saw the man speak or react or anything and thought he didn't have any charisma, I would have to label you as obstinate in your confirmation bias. The best example of his lighter, comedic side, came when he and Paul London got in front of a camera and cut this promo in advance of a match against Joey Ryan and Scott Lost in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in 2009, about six months or so before his signing to WWE.

Now, either they both got high as fuck and just started rambling about what first came into their minds, or Danielson was just way too taken by London's natural spaced-out vibe and couldn't stop breaking character, but the Hybrid Dolphins spiel may be the naturally funniest goddamn thing in professional wrestling history. Some may take it as an anomaly. I see it as a portal into wrestling-as-stoner comedy that has only begun to be explored. Danielson innovated in the ring, obviously, but along with London, he had a hand in innovating outside of it too.