Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The 2016 TWB Tag Team Tournament Turmoil: Regional Finals

Bucks and Kings have met before, and they meet again today
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
The last stop before the Final Four is here, but before the matches are put into play, the results from yesterday need to be announced, in the blockquote of course:
Rock 'n Roll Express, Four Horsemen, Steiner Brothers, Road Warriors, Edge and Christian, Hardy Boys, Young Bucks, Kings of Wrestling
And now, the regional finals!


No. 1 Rock 'n Roll Express

Hot-tagged their way over the Twin Towers, out-mulleted the Sheepherders, rowboated the British Bulldogs

vs. No. 6 Four Horsemen/Brainbusters
Busted up the Fabulous Ones, enforced the Freebirds, rode over the Hart Foundation


No. 1 Steiner Bros.

Steiner-lined the Quebecers, bulldogged the Eliminators, used freaks and peaks to dispatch Harlem Heat

vs. No. 2 Road Warriors
Snacked on the danger that was Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas, dined on the death of the Outsiders, Doomsday Device'd the Hollywood Blondes


No. 4 Edge and Christian

Conchairto'd the Brothers of Destruction, totally reeked of awesomeness on the MCMGs, posed for flash photography over the Dudley Boys

vs. No. 3 Hardy Boys
Took Brian Kendrick and Paul London to the extreme, swanton-bombed the World's Greatest Tag Team, twisted the fates of SteenERico


No. 1 Young Bucks

Superkicked War Machine, Meltzer Driver'd The Shield, gave New Day more bang for their buck

vs. No. 7 Kings of Wrestling
Reigned over the Devastation Corporation, knocked the Addiction out, uppercutted Beer Money

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