Thursday, March 24, 2016

The 2016 TWB Tag Team Tournament Turmoil: Tournament Semifinals

The final four has been decided
Photo Credit: for all except Young Bucks. Young Bucks photo by Scott Finkelstein
The Final Four is here, and surprisingly, only one top seed has survived. The results from yesterday's regional finals, as always, are in the blockquote:
Four Horsemen, Road Warriors (by a single vote!), Edge and Christian, Young Bucks
Now, the time has come for the decades to clash together and for two finalists to emerge in the ultimate tag team tussle.

1980s No. 6 Four Horsemen/Brainbusters
Busted up the Fabulous Ones, enforced the Freebirds, rode over the Hart Foundation, stomped the Rock 'n Roll Express

vs. 2010s No. 1 Young Bucks
Superkicked War Machine, Meltzer Driver'd The Shield, gave New Day more bang for their buck, threw a crotch chop at the Kings of Wrestling

1990s No. 2 Road Warriors/Legion of Doom
Snacked on the danger that was Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas, dined on the death of the Outsiders, Doomsday Device'd the Hollywood Blondes, won a war against the Steiner Bros.

vs. 2000s No. 4 Edge and Christian
Conchairto'd the Brothers of Destruction, totally reeked of awesomeness on the MCMGs, posed for flash photography over the Dudley Boys, sang about Mick Foley's burnt scrotum to the Hardy Boys