Friday, April 22, 2016

The Wrestling Podcast, Vol. 2, Ep. 7: Sam DiMascio

A bit of Callihan talk among other stuff this week
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Episode 7: Darling Nikki Bella

Sam DiMascio jumps aboard the podcast this week to talk about a recent road trip he took to take in some southern 'graps over the last weekend. Before the road trip talk, we gab about a possible one-off return of Squared Circle Wrestling. Then, Sam and I get into his weekend, which started with NWA Smoky Mountain's Smoky Mountain Cup. Sam raves about Kyle Matthews vs. Jimmy Rave, and we run down the other first round matches. After a sojourn about Jeff Cobb and Beyond Wrestling, we get to the overly long tag gauntlet and the final. Then we move onto the second half of his weekend, which was Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment's Homegrown '16 card, which featured mutual murder between Gary Jay and Tripp Cassidy on the pre-show, a rockin' tag match between Team IOU and the Spring Street Suicide Squad, and a certain match of the year candidate between Chip Day and Sami Callihan. After running down what Sam calls one of the most diverse wrestling cards of the year, we stop on Conor McGregor's WWE ambitions and the Global Cruiserweight Series before getting into Twitter questions.

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