Friday, November 18, 2016

NXT In 60 Seconds

Saved by the Ring Bell: the New Class
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Liv Morgan: I don't like you!
Peyton Royce: I don't like you!
The Great Dust In The Sky: They clubberin, Tony!  They clubberin!
Peyton: Rope-assisted bow and arrow!
Liv: Comeback!  Rolling guillotine!
Billie Kay: I don't like that.
Crowd: chants for Aliyah
2016: injects gin and tonic directly into eyeballs, because 2016, everybody!
Aliyah: Here I am!  Let's fight!
Team Australia: Yes, let's.
Liv: ow
Aliyah: ow
Team Australia: It's because we're better than you.
Ember Moon: Yeah, but maybe I'm better than you.
Team Australia: wait what
Babyfaces: clean house and issue a trios challenge at a TBD

This video package brought to you by Pepperidge Farm.  Remember when NXT held the second annual Dusty Classic?  We do.

Elias Samson: I'm back!
Everyone 12ever: ugh NO
2016: continues making throwing stars out of broken glass and hobo feces

This video package brought to you by Pepperidge Farm, who'd like to remind you Saturday's tag title rematch is a best of 43 falls match.  Remember how awesome this match in Brooklyn was?  We do.

This video package brought to you by Pepperidge Farm, who'd like to remind you that Bobby Roode is a lying douchebag and this is Tye Dillinger's second chance with regards to his WWE history.  Remember him being in WWECW?  We didn't.  But then we did.  Pepperidge Farm.

Cedric Alexander: I don't like you!
Cien: Ref, back him up!  I'm in the ropes here!
Homer J. Simpson, the Great Dust In the Sky: Aw, man!
Cien: I'm so pretty!  I'm so talented!
Cedric: Holy CHRIST am I going to punch you in the
Cien: Ref!   Ropes!  Etc!
Longtime Fans of La Sombra: Yes.  Yessssssss.   Let the hate flow through you.
Cedric: Punching commences!  Dropkicks, as well!  Baseball slide!
Cien: How about I dropkick YOU!
Cedric: gah
Cien: Here I come!  Oh, you're gonna get it now!  pulls up and slaps Cedric in the face
Cedric: #tmfrh
Cien: Cute springboard lariat.  Be a shame if an interception dropkick happened to it!  AHAHAHAHAH!  I'm so pretty!  I'm so talented!  I can't believe you people are booing this. shrugs  Hard strikes!  Harder strikes!  Arm work!
Cedric: nah
Cien: But I just
Cedric: Quiet, you.  Handspring Owenzuigiri!  Tope Ced Hilo!  SPRINGBOARD LARIAT!
Cien: nah.  One armed powerbomb!
Cedric: ugggh
Cien: Es bueno.
Cedric: Pero no.
Cien: pinche negro cabron
Cien: ¡Dios mio!  ¿Donde esta las cuerdas?
Cedric: No, you don't!  I'm gonna
Ref: Ced, you have to get him out of the ropes!
Cedric: I just said I'm gonna
Cien: --snap them into your 2 Cold Scorpio, great idea!
Ref: Cien, did you just
Cien: Can't hear you over the sound of this hammerlock DDT count now please.  AHAHAHAHHHA YAAAAY!  I'm so pretty!  I'm so talented!
Ref: OK, but I'm pretty sure you just said
Cien: No, I didn't.

This final video package brought to you by Pepperidge Farm, just to remind you that Samoe Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are gonna wail on each other over the Big X again Saturday, too.  See you next week for a real recap!