Friday, December 16, 2016

NXT In 60 Seconds

Thus endeth the feud...probably
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Aussies Aussies Aussies: Oi oi oi, there's a cage!
Samoa Joe: You again.
Shinsuke Nakamura: whatever "YOU again!" in Japanese is
Nakamura: Spaz choke!
Joe: Jabs!
WWEN: We'll be right back with this blowoff cage title match after a few words from our sponsors!
People Watching WWEN: ... 
Nakamura: Kinshasa!
Joe: LOLNOPE.  Kokina Clutch!
Nakamura: I'm free and your beef and pork products are deceased.
Joe: No I'm no
Joe: ow
Nakamura: I leave or should I end this damn thing?
Joe: Well you could
Nakamura: And you could shut up KINSHASA!
Joe: ow
Nakamura: AND KINSHASA THE THIRD!  I say you, he ded!
Joe: probably on vacation until the Rumble
Aussies Aussies Aussies: hail the King

Aussies Aussies Aussies Who Are Mean Girls: We didn't lose that tag match on Leftover!  Daria did!
Daria: sup
Daria: Next week I'm going to stand on one of your necks.  feints
Daria: Two for flinching, chitches.

NXT: There's going to be a fatal four way to determine a number one contender next week!
Fans: Huzzah!
NXT: So here's four four-minute qualifying matches!
Fans: wait what
NXT: Well, three four-minute qualifying matches and one that's 90 seconds.
Fans: ...
NXT: ...
Fans: ...are you really going to
NXT: Hey, here's a thing that you like!
Fans: 10!
Tye Dillinger: 10!
Eric Young: incomprehensible gibberish
10ye: punches him
Nikki Cross: jumps on 10ye's back
Ref: Ring the bell!
Fans: are you fucking serious
Damo, Who Is Sizeable: lays 10ye out and heads to the back on his own again Did what you said.
Ref: I said ring the bell, not his.  Anyway...uh...winner!
10ye: ow

No Way Jose: dances, as is his wont
Cien: If only I had something related yet hilarious to say about your chances.
No Way Jose: But I could
Cien: Yeah, we're not doing that.  Hammerlock DDT!

Elias Samson: "sings"
Corey Graves: correctly and gleefully reads him for filth for a minute straight
Audience: concurs
Roderick Strong: And I am the opponent!

[404 error: fucks to give not found on the Best Coast Bias server?  Cancel or cancel?]

Reader: Shouldn't there be an option for Retry even if it doesn't work?

[do you really want to read about Elias Samson?]

Reader: You right
Roderick Strong: And I have won the match with the Sickest of Kicks!

Oney Lorcan: spawns a thousand Gollum jokes
Robert Roode, Esq: Spoiler alert, I'm probably winning next week too.  Have you seen my opponents?  A Mexican gigolo, the Greatest White to Ever Bread, and that guy I just beat up in Toronto.  Pfft.
Oney Lorcan: Yeah, but I could
RRE: Yeah, no.  Glorious DDT!