Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Listen So You Don't Have To: Art Of Wrestling Ep. 339

The Best Friends take over the Art of Wrestling
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
If you’re new, here’s the rundown. We listen to a handful of wrestling podcasts each week. Too many, probably, though certainly not all of them. In the interest of saving you time — in case you have the restraint to skip certain episodes — the plan is to give the bare bones of a given show and let you decide if it’s worth investing the time to hear the whole thing. There are many wrestling podcasts out there, of course, but this feature largely hews to the regular rotation we feel best fit the category of hit or miss. If we can save other folks some time, we’re happy to do so.

Show: Art Of Wrestling
Episode: 339 (Feb. 23, 2017)
Run Time: 58:55
Guests: Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta (9:27)

Summary: The hosts of HighSpots.com’s Poppin’ Dogs and Talkin’ Hogs sort of take over Art Of Wrestling this week, interviewing Colt Cabana as they would for their own show. There is a little talk about how their show came to be, a confusing reference to the so-called Booker T rollup spot and a remarkable amount of attention paid to personal toilet habits.

Quote of the week: Taylor: “You should wash your hands after you pee because of all the other stuff you’ve touched. It’s not because — like, your dick’s not that dirty if you wash it.”

Why you should listen: This is a decent chance to check out the Taylor and Beretta joint without expending any addition energy. And there are chuckles to be had, if not outright laughs.

Why you should skip it: I mean, uh, what the hell is this exactly?

Final thoughts: If your favorite part of Art of Wrestling is when Cabana addresses some other wrestler in the room who isn’t actually the guest, or when he veers completely off any semblance of a topic just to try for a laugh, then here’s basically 45minutes of just that. I wouldn’t say it’s outright bad, but it’s definitely not essential. I’m sorry I don’t actually have more to say about it, especially since I listened last Thursday and am just now on Monday night getting around to putting thoughts into words, but, well, what the hell is this?