Friday, February 17, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

Mustache Mountain EXPLODES! (temporarily)
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Full Sailors: It's fun being here for a taping.  Kinda hungry though.  Maybe a concession stand run before...
the Authors of Pain: yell and grunt in Samoan
Full Sailors: Never mind, we'll have all this squash.
Cannon Fodder: goes splut real quick

Cheery WWE Voiceover: Shinsuke Nakamura's getting better, everybody!  Yay!

Team Australia: LOLiv, do you even have any friends?
Liv Morgan: You don't need a lot if you get the right one.
Ember Moon: sup y'all
TA: duckfammit
Ember: I'm better than both of you Aussies!
TA: Not as a unit, though!  double teams ahoy 
Ember: Butterfly suplex!  Ugh, gotta tag out.
Peyton: Same.
Liv: Let's do this!  Flurry!  STO!
TA: Oh, hell.  Execute The Plan!  take out Ember, double team Liv, win
Peyton: Brilliant!
Billie: Some might even say Iconic ahahahahahahaha yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Roderick Strong: Stand up to bullies, kids.
Jose: You can even say No Way to them!
Both: We have Tye's back.

DIY: Winning the belts in the standing MOTY was great.  Losing them sucked.  But we put fear in the Authors' eyes and we're still fighting.  We want our rematch!
Paul Ellering: You have a fortnight to invest in hospital beds.
the Revival: Maybe less.  lay out DIY and flee before the Authors can get them

Cheerful WWE Voiceover: Kassius Ohno returns soon!

Master Regal: Next week Peyton, Liv, and Ember will have a triple threat, and whoever wins that will get destroyed b--face Asuka the week after that.

Trent Seven: comes out and shakes a lot of hands
Tyler Bate: comes out and waves at everybody
Seven: gains the advantage, fixes Tyler's stache
Bate: flip that, reverse it
Seven: I have the advantage!
Bate: Now I!
Seven: You call those European uppercuts?  I taught you better than that, boy!
Bate: kneelift
Seven: ow
Bate: HANDLESS PLANCHA!  Now finally
Seven: Michinoku Driver!
Bate: ow 
Seven: Let's power up this lariat...  * * * *
Bate: Nope!  Airplane spin!  Back the other way!  And now for my eponymous
Seven: You go squish now!  SnapDragon!  Powerbomb!  Half crab off the kickout give me the belt, damn you!
Bate: No!  Kick kick kick kick kickity kick kick kick.  Bop?  BANG!
Bate: kicks out
Full Sailors: This is awesome!
Full Sailors: whoa
Seven: I kicked out?  I kicked out.  Also I think I may have died.
Bate: OW how do you keep chopping me in the face then?
Seven: shrugs
Bate: Yeah, eff this ROLLING KOPPU KICK!  TYLER DRIVER '97!  That's that!   Whew.  Shake my hand, man.
Seven: Will do.  Take this with you.  hugs him  You missed a spot.  fixes his stache
Bate: Thanks, man.  That means a lot coming from you.