Friday, March 10, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

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Tye Dillinger: All right, let's do this damn thing.
Orlandoians?  ites?: 10!  10!  10! 10!
Eric Young: Yes, let us have a standard one on one match, thus prefaced by the removal of my associates as you see now.
10ye: ...well...okay, you're being weird.  But one-on-one, as promised and I'm gonna punch you right in the
E.Y.: What a nice Roderick Strong you have here.   Well, beaten up and dragged from the back by my associates.
10ye: ...
Roderick: ... :( ow
Associates: cackle maniacally with an undercurrent of raving
No Way Jose: ¿Porque?
E.Y.: Don't look at me.  I didn't do this.  You did this.
10ye and Jose: We're doing this.  rush the ring
SAnitY: So we're doing THIS.  lay Jose and Tye the eff out 

Team Australia: We need a place to put our Breakout Star of the Year Award.  LOL Ember Moon's working out.  LOL!
Ember Moon: threats from behind glass
Team Australia: Go back to your workout, it is you are.  Anyway, maybe we should put it
Workout Spotter: Ember, come on, back it up.
Team Australia: Yeah, ninjawolf, go back in your cave and work on your squats or something!

Definitely Not  Tommy End: s o o n
Hoho Lun: Hi, everybody!  Hey, maybe I have a
Andrade "Cien" Almas: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NO biff pow gorsh hammerlock DDT

Team Australia: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it's going to be so great when we win!
Ember: Hey, Billie!
Billie: Ew, what?
Ember: The bell rang.  dropkick, crossbody
Billie: Peyton, help!
Peyton: I got you, boo!
Ember: drags them both...into the ring
Peyton: I shouldn't be in the ring!
Ref: Hey, yeah!  Get out of here!
Billie: Perfect.  sneak attack  Take this!  Eat Defeat And this!  ROLLING ELBOW  Why won't you stay down?!
Ember: Because... you didn't RSVP for the strike party.  unloading commences And by the Light of the oh I wish you would
Peyton: I thought I could see better from the apron but the floor is fine my bad don't mind me :)
Ember: Billie Kay, you're getting Eclipsed.

Announce Table: You have to assume Ember's the #1 contender after that and oh no
Billie: still down
Doctors & Trainers: come out
Nigel: I've seen this happen at the PC a couple of times after Ember hits that vicious Eclipse, women have left on stretchers as a result of that move.
Orlandians: Hopefully if we clap she'll be able to get up.  starts clapping
Peyton: Boo, how are you doing?
Billie: I shouldn't've said anything about her doing more squats.  Let's go to the back and find out.  slowly gets up, pointing to the right side of her neck
Peyton: I got you, boo.
Doctors and Trainers: We'll help you.  All right, let's find out what we've got.
Billie: heads to the back with a tear in her eye
Orlandians: applaud respectfully

TJ Perkins says things - transmission mysteriously cuts out for the entire length of his promo

the Revival: Top guys in!
the Ealy Brothers: It took a long time to recover from Samoa Joe beating us up last year, but we're back, and we're better than
the Authors of Pain: lay them the eff out
the Revival: oh whoops we left the cat unlocked and the door needs food byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the Authors: continue decimating the fresh meat while ranting in Samoan

Master Regal: Congratulations, Ember Moon--in three Saturdays, you will get to play Death By Asuka.

Kassius Ohno, If That Is His Real Name: It's surreal being back at the PC.  This used to be an empty warehouse where I'd bump into Dusty.  I've excelled worldwide and won championships, going from opening match to main eventer.  This is the first thing I ever excelled at... except here.  There was a seed of doubt planted here, and that's why I'm back; the only way to get rid of it is to hold the Big X.

The Champ, Live Via Satellite: First of all, SHUT UP, TOM, for the love of God, shut up.
Random Viewer In Pittsburgh: HALLELUJAH!
The Champ: I don't care what that dirty long-haired hippie had to say.  His existence is getting in the way of me remaking this brand in my glorious eyes, the way it should be, and I'll be damned if Chaz Zero ruins it.  Now get these commoners out of my house.

Fake Gamer Boy: looks slightly emasculated without his rampway graphics
Shinsuke Nakamura: is still Shinsuke bleeping Nakamura
Both These Guys: test kicks
Both These Guys: do some graps
Both These Guys: dab after offense
Shinsuke: knees him in the chest
TJP: works over the injured leg
FGB: Springboard DDT!  Missile dropkick to the leg!  TJP Clutch!  I'm going to do it!  I'm going to do it, you guys!
Shinsuke: That's adorable.  knees all the knees more knees inverted exploder I hear Africa is lovely this time of year.
Random Viewer In San Diego: HALLELUJAH!

Master Regal: Whomever is champion after next week's main event will, as you may have surmised, face that Nakamura chap at Takeover.