Monday, March 20, 2017

The 2016 TWB 100: Meet Your Voters

Welcome to the rollout for this year's TWB 100! All the votes are in, the blurbs are hard at work getting written, and the tallies are tabulated. Of course, one cannot have a TWB 100 without voters, and this year, the grand list received a total of 66 ballots from 67 people (two people collaborated on a ballot). The following is a list of people who submitted ballots in this year's list, so if you have a problem with how it turned out, talk to them*:

* - Do not harass TWB 100 voters.

TH - Notable nobody.

David Kincannon - Denver omelet, co-host of Podvocacy.

Andrew Smith - Phil Fulmer fan club president.

Okori Wadsworth - Creatine aficionado.

Antonio Cruz - Meteorological remant.

Gio Castillo - Lumpa liker.

Brock Jahnke - Discoverer of Morrisey's Disease, writer at Wrestling with Words.

Willow Maclay - Fried flounder slinger.

Frito Bandito - Executive producer of Tool Time.

Ryan Neely - Executor of the estate of Alan Smithee.

Chris Gibbons - Anthropomorphic goshawk.

De O'Brien - Kaiju herder.

Joshua Browns - Platitude seamster.

Dirk Kessler - Union moisture farmer.

Scott Raychel - Alkaline sojourner.

David Hobbs - Outhouse building contest judge.

David Murphy - Alphanumerically accurate instruction manual.

CMU Chips - Unlucky feline.

Joey O. - Cannon loader, DJ at Y-Not Radio.

Chicken Parm - Delicious Italian entree.

Butch Rosser - Probationary dog walker, TWB staff writer.

Pablo Alva - Mendicant cobbler.

For All You Kids Podcast (Jeff Paternostro/Jarrett Seidler) - Blacklisted tag team from the '30s.

Courtney Rose - Horticultural scion, one-half of the Facelock Femmes.

Elliot Imes - Ecclesiastical florist, TWB staff writer.

Ryan Kilma - Dog statue collector.

Joe Drilling - Apple curator, co-host of What A Maneuver.

Andrew Hewitt - Curious doctor.

Bryan Heaton - Squonk hunter.

Sean Orleans - Hipster cabbage boiler, indie wrestler with a dad bod.

David Burszan - Miracle portrayer.

Kyle Kensing - Sudoku lawyer, freelance college sports writer.

Cewsh - Lorem ipsum ideator, titular review site auteur.

Kevin Newburn - Flag master.

Henry Casey - Dungeon burner.

Bob Godfrey - Peanut oil sylph.

Brandon Kay - Patron of fine legumes.

Mike Pankowski - Corn enthusiast.

Adam Shinder - Religion distractor.

The Lady J - Houndstooth car decorator, other half of the Facelock Femmes.

Chris Harrington - Lard shoveler, wrestling analytics guru.

The Masked Lutefisk - Aqueous life form.

Mat Morgan - Frog husbandry expert.

Nicholas Reed - Chimney sweep.

Francis Adu, Jr. - Washed former soccer prosp... oh wait, no, that's Freddy Adu, Jr.

Dank Rizzo - Japan android.

Hayley Erin - Also a horticultural scion, who knew.

Cole W Bradley - Phlegmatic drummer.

Jon Hunt - Tournament smoker.

Brian Brown - Vinegar connoisseur.

Brian Coulter - Dennis Rodman cosplayer, theoretical TWB staff writer.

Vincent Piccolo - Ray of sunshine.

Brandon House - Warehouser of crossbeams.

LUTang_Secret - Animatronic Jeff Goldblum.

Andrew Rosin - Card-carrying Whig.

Scott Holland - Lemur psychologist, TWB staff writer.

Alex Torres - Lemur psychiatrist (huge difference).

Rich Fann - Wealthy air distributor.

Kris Zellner - Huitlacoche sommelier, co-host of Between the Sheets podcast.

Deena - Psychic chocolatier.

Nick Ahlhelm - Pokemon rustler.

Devon Hales - Norwegian rap superstar.

Brady Childs - Culinary lubricant salesman (no, really).

Dylan Hales - Swedish rap also-ran, TWB 100 co-founder.

Christopher Zinn - Church of Zandig founder.

Patrick Kay - Stone jort washer.

Frank McCormick - Accidentally forgotten lamb braiser.

The above all submitted ballots, so this year's list is all thanks to them, well, I guess us since I'm part of it. Anyway, speaking of the For All You Kids podcast, I actually was on the most recent episode near the end of it. If you don't wanna listen to the baseball parts, skip to the end and hear both my thoughts on WrestleMania as well as some inside spoilery dirt on the TWB 100. DO IT!