Monday, May 22, 2017

Becky With the Wild Hair

If someone asks if you're a god...
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Becky Lynch made some waves last night with her hairdo. She wore it with the top up in a bouffant and the sides tightly braided. I had some laughs at it last night (seriously, those who've seen the original Ghostbusters will get some MAJOR Gozer vibes), but in all honesty, Lynch's look was cool. In fact, others in Twitter pointed out that it was an homage to Bull Nakano and her fearsome updo.

Either way, the hairstyle is a continuation from WrestleMania, when Lynch came out for the six-pack challenge for the Smackdown Women's Championship with a head full of tight braids. While some at the time thought she was appropriating Caribbean culture, she was actually hearkening back to the roots of her own people, as Celtic warriors of antiquity would rush into battle with their hair braided as well. Honestly, a wrestler doing something to set apart the special events from weekly television is refreshing. One should want to elevate the big events as much as possible, and it's another reason why Lynch continues to be perhaps the most consistent of the Horsewomen, even if the argument of "best" is a little more muddled.