Monday, May 15, 2017

Hell Freezes Over Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor's newest superstar?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Chuck Taylor's personal brand of self-effacing is as well-known among indie wrestling fans as his proclivity towards comedic wrestling and his ability to make children cry. A huge part of that tendency to make himself the punchline has been his inability to get booked with Ring of Honor. Well, about that...

Yeah, that inability no longer exists. Taylor commemorated the ending of his longest-running self-owning gag with the above tweet after debuting in a six-man tag match last night at the Philadelphia War of the Worlds show alongside New Japan Pro Wrestling tag team Roppongi Vice, consisting of Rocky Romero and Taylor's own regular Best Friends tag partner Trent? I don't know if this debut was a special appearance for Philly, which has become his home away from his birth home of Murray, KY, or if this will be the first of a run of ROH or even NJPW bookings. However, spoilers for ROH television, he got the pin in the match with his finisher, so who knows.

The ROH booking is the latest in his whirlwind of a career gusting hard. In the last couple of years or so, he's been a major part of a rudo stable in EVOLVE, lost the rights to his name in Chikara, worked for Impact Wrestling, and has been entrenched in the main event of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Not bad for the man otherwise known as DUSTIN. Of course, now that ROH is off his checklist, I guess NXT will replace it on his "Hell freezing over" list. Either way, good for the Kentucky Gentleman.