Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So, the Mae Young Classic

It's coming...
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The WWE's women's wrestling tournament to happen this summer finally has a name. The Mae Young Classic will commence at Full Sail University July 13 and 14, although the mechanisms behind its dissemination are still up in the air. That is, WWE hasn't announced whether it will be a multi-week thing like the Cruiserweight Classic or a weekend affair like the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. However, WWE has given the 32-woman slate a name, albeit a slightly controversial one.

Young, who died a little over three years ago, has had some damning incidents from her past resurface in response to the naming. Specifically, people have alleged that she would violently rob men, either after promising them prostitution services or claiming that they were about to rape her. Either way, the charges were almost always fraudulent. That being said, at least WWE didn't name the tournament the Moolah Classic or worse, the Stephanie McMahon Classic, although I really saw nothing wrong with naming it the "Women's Classic" or something along those lines. I don't know.

Anyway, the naming of the tournament gives it a little more weight, a little more reality. Given that the tournament is a little over six weeks away, WWE is going to have to start announcing names soon. If I had to guess, Kairi Hojo, Io Shirai, and Kimber Lee will more than likely be a part of it, but until they're confirmed, well, anyone is possible. Still, the tournament is taking more and more of a tangible shape, so let the excitement commence.