Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Fourth Trio...

The seal has been broken on the British teams
Graphics via @CHIKARApro
As you may have heard by now, King of Trios will be taking place in Birmingham, United Kingdom between September 1 and 3, taking it not only out of Eastern Pennsylvania, but the United States altogether for the first time. The first three trios that have been announced have a decided Chikara flavor, whether as regulars (Legion of Rot, Xyberhawx) or as cherished guests (defending Champions Sendai Girls). One would expect that with visiting the hottest current scene for pro wrestling, native Brit trios would litter the guest star slate. The first such team has been announced.

House Calamari consists of Travis Banks, Chris Brookes, and Kid Lykos, a mash-up of two current tag teams on the UK scene. Brooks and Lykos form the team CCK, and Banks is one-half of the now-dormant tag team the South Pacific Power Trip with TK Cooper, who along with Dahlia Black (the team/stable's female member), are back home down under thanks to visa issues. Right away, this team seems to be a threat to go deep into the tourney, if not win the whole thing (especially with the trend over the last two years of putting over guest teams). CCK is a rising team on the scene, and Banks, in addition to his work with the Power Trip, is a rising singles star. He holds the Lucha Forever Championship, and more than a few people are predicting him to win the PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Four teams have been announced, which means 12 are left to be unveiled. Even with one-quarter of the trios revealed, the slate so far looks interesting at the very least.