Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Hall of Pain Says GO SPURS

ALL (Rockets fans) WILL SUFFER
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Mark Henry is known for many things: pulling rigs, splitting wigs, even fathering hands. The World's Strongest Man also has a strong affinity for his home state, Texas. For those who don't follow the National Basketball Association, the league's playoffs are ongoing, and one of the Western Conference Semifinal round matchups is an intra-state smackdown, the Houston Rockets vs. the San Antonio Spurs. Even though his hometown of Silsbee is closer to Houston than San Antonio, Henry has clearly picked a side in the playoff series:

Consider Clutch's (the Rockets' mascot) wig to be split. Of course, Clutch did his own number on the Spurs' mascot, The Coyote, but all a beatdown means is that someone needs to get a receipt. The Spurs get the concept of the babyface making the save, why can't WWE? All jokes aside, the winner of this series will be the world's best hope against the Golden State Warriors winning the Western Conference for a third straight year, so hopefully, the teams themselves won't employ burly pro wrestlers and steel chairs against each other. They don't wanna be too banged up to face a Warriors team that may not have a whole lot of trouble dispatching the Utah Jazz...