Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Don't You DARE Hinder Jinder

No shortage of takes on Jinder Mahal this week
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Hey, it's Wednesday morning, so you know what that means, links! Carve some time out at your desk at work or at home or even at the gym to read some of the best wrestling (and some non-wrestling) writing from the past week. These links are HOT HOT HOT so watch your hands when you click those hyperlinks.

Hey, I've done 187 of these TweetBags so far. Why don't you check out the latest one, where I talk the Women's Tournament, Cedric Alexander vs. John Cena, and... over the counter medication? [The Wrestling Blog]

Hulk Hogan goddamn sucks, like really bad, and Elliot wants to remind you all of the time he showed it the worst. He revisits the infamous main event to Starrcade '97. [The Wrestling Blog]

Just because WWE is pushing Jinder Mahal as a foreign heel doesn't mean he's the bad guy to millions of Western Millennials of Color. Nadir Shirazi explains why the new WWE Champion is a hero. [Medium]

On the flipside of that argument, Ian Williams takes a look at why so many White/American fans have taken to Mahal and keep taking to the WWE's insistence on the foreign panic heel. [Bruiseday on VICE Sports]

Even more on Mahal, David Shoemaker has his own take on how he flexed his muscles and rose to the top of WWE's card in such short order. [The Ringer]

Enough about Mahal for now, as Marc Normandin pleads with Randy Orton to make being an "indie hater" part of his gimmick. [Cageside Seats]

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre fired its biggest stars, and JR Goldberg gives you the reason why. Hint, it involves unions, jealousy, and busting up someone's car. [Paste Magazine]

Jesse Staab wants you all to stop worrying about wrestling and let wrestling become your refuge from worry and fear. [Wrestledelphia]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Kieran Shiach takes another dive into Marvel's ghastly Secret Empire comic event. Is Nick Spencer's take on Captain America causing him to lose grip on the hero's fanbase? [The Guardian]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Ijeoma Oluo is tired of everyone telling her that her fat body is going to kill her, especially as she was holding her newborn baby in her arms right after giving birth. [Medium]

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