Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Heavy Stuff This Week

Alexa Bliss' value to WWE's women's division is discussed in one of this week's links
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Welcome to another edition of YOUR MIDWEEK LINKS, where I give you the best online #content from the past week for you to blow your hump day lunch break on. Hell yeah! This week's offerings include some heavy stuff, including an essay on a sexual assault survivor learning to handle live wrestling, why wrestlers feel the need to self-immolate for the entertainment of the live crowd, and in the non-wrestling department, an essay pinning where Donald Trump's real support comes from. Hint, it's not the poor hillfolk liberal media likes to blame him on!

I can't believe I had to write why Charlotte Flair shouldn't be blamed for her nude pictures being stolen, but I had to write why Charlotte Flair shouldn't be blamed for her nude pictures being stolen, for fuck's sake. [The Wrestling Blog]

Butch, meanwhile, was there for Tye Dillinger's NXT farewell. Read about it and all the other happenings at the house show he took in with his Number One. [The Wrestling Blog]

Brock Jahnke examines why wrestlers like Nigel McGuinness and Katsuyori Shibata risk their health for nothing more than a pop. [Wrestling With Words]

Steph M-K recounts how she has attempted going to live wrestling shows while also dealing with the mental scars of being a sexual assault survivor. [Rasslin Rehash]

Do you want to prepare for the return of Lucha Underground on May 31? Check out this infographic detailing all of Dario Cueto's evil entanglements. [With Spandex]

Ian Williams looks into Billy Corgan purchasing the National Wrestling Alliance and deduces that he did it because he just loves wrestling. [Bruiseday - VICE Sports]

The WWE's Women's Division has a lot of depth, and Alexa Bliss a big part of why that depth extends beyond the Four Horsewomen, as Ashley Leckwold writes. [Paste Magazine]

John Corrigan sat down with Lakers President Jeannie Buss to talk about women's wrestling in a fun Q and A. [Wrestledelphia]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Jesse A. Myerson illuminates the real source of Trump's big support. It's not the "White working class" but the petit bourgeoisie of the suburbs. [The Nation]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Alexander Goot examines the claim that ESPN is faltering thanks to throwing its hat in with liberal politics and finds out that that claim holds absolutely no water [From the Sidelines]