Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Your Midweek Links: The Slimmed Down, Streamlined RETURN

A contentious match indeed
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Welcome back to YOUR MIDWEEK LINKS, a feature that will hopefully bring you some of the best writing about wrestling and otherwise on the Internet. It won't be the bloated links list it was in the past, but I do hope to give you, the reader, a varied and diverse buffet of links for you to read that aren't found here, and hey, some that are that you may have missed. And now, thine links:

Payback happened this past Sunday night, and it was a really good show. If you watched it, check out my review. If not, watch it and then read the damn thing. [The Wrestling Blog]

Meanwhile, Elliot asks the question that everyone seems to have at least once a week. Why does Jim Cornette hate fun? [The Wrestling Blog]

Kate Foray also watched Payback, and her take on House of Horrors wasn't nearly as harsh as some you might find around the web. She argued that if it sinned in any way that it wasn't ridiculous enough. [Paste Magazine]

Ian Williams, however, is firmly in the camp that House of Horrors probably should have been left on the scrap heap. [Bruiseday on VICE Sports]

Braun Strowman is actually a second-generation athlete. His dad wasn't a wrestler, however; he was the Barry Bonds of slow-pitch softball. [With Spandex]

Are you properly excited for the Netflix GLOW series starring Allison Brie, Kia "Awesome Kong" Stevens, and Marc Maron among others? Well, if not, then check out the new trailer and posters. [Cageside Seats]

Do you want to read about the "most significant lucha match of 2017?" Then you wanna check out Brandon Wagemann's feature on Negro Navarro vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. [Wrestling With Words]

The Lady J takes apart one of the worst features written about wrestling this year, a know-nothing article on women's wrestling that ruffled a lot of feathers among actual wrestlers. [The Lady J Says]

NON-WRESTLING 1: Spencer Hall cares about the future of football, so he's got ideas on how it can be saved from itself using basic tenets of science and spacing. [SB Nation]

NON-WRESTLING 2: Andrew Money the 69th went to a craft beer festival and found himself in an existential crisis. Has craft beer gone too gonzo for its own good? [October]

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