Friday, June 2, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

Hola, Jose
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COVFEFE (Ed. Note: Butch will be reprimanded for this - TH)

Tomasso Ciampa, limping to the ring on crutches: Johnny's not here, and since you've been asking me for the past whatever, here's why: when I got hurt right before Chicago, YOU PEOPLE started wondering if I could even go and started slotting in replacement dream partners. DIY was supposed to be us and you. And YOU bailed on it. So if I was going to go away for a long time due to this injury I reaggravated "fighting the good fight", your hero Johnny was going to go away for a long, long time. Chicago wasn't our moment, it was mine. Once I return I'll be the most dangerous SOB in NXT, and I am professional wrestling, whether you like it or not. mic drop

Full Sailors: myriad of conflicting but logical reactions

King Glorious the First: I have a Glorious celebration planned, not for you people, but for me. Don't furrow your Cro-Magnons, though; it's still my NXT and I'll be by next week to gloat and check up on it.

Full Sailors: borderline standing O
Pete Dunne: sneers at them all before hitting his trademark pose in mid-ring
Announce: Well, see, these fans are cheering a horrible man because he won a MOTYC at Takeover.
Danny Burch: I'll show this wanker a thing or five about hitting. Second rope missile dropkick! Right hand! HEADBUTT!
Dunne: Nah, mate. It should go more like this: Gamengiri! X-Plex!
Burch: But I have this awesome top-rope hanging DDT!
Dunne: Yes, but that doesn't beat a German into the corner and my Bitter End.
Referee: Winner!
Dunne: See? After watching a boy walk around with my title, I'm the rising tide to lift the boats on the other side of the pond, and history books will show the Bruiserweight owned the United Kingdom. signature pose in ring and at the ramp's apex

Patrick Clark Velveteen Dream: The ambiance is not right. Everything should be perfect. If things get fixed you can deign to talk up to me then.

Andrade "Cien" Almas: doesn't screw around for once, dominates 95 percent of the match, still loses the match somehow
Referee: Winner? Uh, I guess, winner!
Cesar Bononi: Holy crap.
Cien: is mad for five seconds then laughs and shrugs it off in an awesome sign for his career going forward

Team Australia: still tries to feng shui the WWEPC
Ember Moon: shows up for no reason other than to sign her release form in front of them allowing her back in action See you soon.

God's Production Team: Man, did Hideo ever lose his temper after Chicago, no matter how much Ohno tried to pacify it. But Earlier Today they shook hands in the parking lot so everything should be fine on that front forever.

SAnitY, Crossless: raving incoherently
Kassius: I'm here!
Full Sailors: Ohno!
Roderick Strong: Oh, yes, I'm here too, and I'm going to do what I'm best at right now, punch Eric Young in the face a lot. does before tagging in Ohno
Killian Dain: Yeah, that's about enough of that. runs interference
Young and Wolfe: rave incoherently while beating on Ohno
Ghost In A Wheelchair Only Kassius Can See: Remember your 5D's, son!
Ohno: dodges, dips, ducks, dives and dodges before making the tag
Roddy: Me vs. the World? I like those odds. Angle Slam! Gamengiri!
Killian Dain: Ugh. Back to work with me.
No Way Jose: Nueces to that! shoves him into the post
EY: wait what
Roddy: Suplex backbreaker, that's what.
Referee: Winners!
Ohno and Strong: Welcome back, amigo.
Jose: De nada.