Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thea Trinidad, Gunner, and Fabian Aichner, Come on Down!

Aichner is one of the bunch of new signings WWE has made
Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE has signed a bunch of new wrestlers who will be coming to the Performance Center. Some of those signings, like Evie, British wrestler Nixon Newell, and Westside Xtreme Wrestling star Axel Dieter, Jr. have had their signings already announced. However, some fresh, familiar names have also come to the forefront. Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that Thea Trinidad, Phil Shatter, and Fabian Aichner have all signed with the company as well. All three have had some kind of link to WWE, whether rumored or corporeal, so really, none of the signings are all that surprising.

Trinidad is more famously known as Rosita from her TNA days. She was a stablemate with Sarita, aka prima luchadora and current PC trainer Sarah Stock, and she's romantically linked to current 205 Live star Austin Aries. Trinidad has actually worked some enhancement matches for NXT lately, and was actually filmed as someone, ahem, "interested" in Andrade Cien Almas for a recent taping. However, her appearance never made camera. Whether or not that means she's jumping right into the NXT narrative or will debut with the company as part of the Mae Young Classic is unknown at this point. Another fun fact, Trinidad filmed as the in-ring double for the actress playing AJ Lee in the WWE Films Paige biopic.

Shatter is another ex-TNA guy whom you probably better know as Gunner. He's been linked to NXT via the rumor mill for awhile now, even going back to late 2015, when James Storm was making one-off appearances on weekly television. I don't know what his hold-up has been, but he's a solid addition despite his reputation in TNA/Impact. I've mostly known him through YouTube clips from Southern indie promotions, and what I've seen, I've liked a lot.

Aichner made his splashdown in WWE in the Cruiserweight Classic. He was Jack Gallagher's first round sacrifice, and he acquitted himself well enough that he got some dates with WXW and PROGRESS out of it. His signing back with the company makes a ton of sense once you consider that WWE is going to need some bodies for the UK show, and that PROGRESS, along with Scotland's Insane Championship Wrestling, might end up broadcast on WWE Network soon.

Either way, all three are solid additions to the company, as are Evie and Newell as far as I know. I haven't seen much of Dieter, but the kids love WXW nowadays. Germany is so hot right now. Even if WWE as a corporate structure has always sucked, the talent it's assembling is top notch, lemme tell ya.