Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Read My Goddamn Extreme Rules, Heathens

Some Extreme Rules content, mostly content about other stuff in wrestling. CLICK THEM LINKS!
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Hey, it's Wednesday. You know what that means. Links! What, did you think I was gonna end the post there? Who do you think I am, Luke Harper? Anyway, this week's slate of links is rich with information and entertainment. Why, dive into them right below. DO IT!

Extreme Rules happened Sunday, and it was an underwhelming show. Fortunately, you can read my review of the whole ordeal instead of watching it on The Network to get the gist. [The Wrestling Blog]

Also from Monday, I wrote about how Nazis can get and stay the fuck out of wrestling. This was regarding SHLAK's dubious ties and how Gabe Sapolsky almost booked him despite them. [The Wrestling Blog]

Ian Williams also watched Extreme Rules and RAW Monday. He writes a paean to Samoa Joe, the last gasp of Generation X in pro wrestling. [VICE Sports]

Danielle Matheson sat down with Rocky Romero and talked about how wrestlers selling merchandise to fans can help build a special relationship between the two. [With Spandex]

In Donald Trump's America, Jacob Weindling argues Bray Wyatt more than anyone is WWE's standard bearer. [Paste Magazine]

Frank Deford died last week, and David Bixenspan writes about how he was titanic in getting wrestling journalism off the ground as something more than a niche interest. [Deadspin]

Hey, did you enjoy All Night Long II from Wednesday? Read about Willie (The) Mack's journey from SoCal fan to participant in one of Lucha Underground's biggest matches of Season 3, as told to Michael Wonsover. [ESPN]

Wrestledelphia is no more. BOO! Read one of its last big pieces, John Corrigan listing his 25 favorite live events ever. [Wrestledelphia]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Unless you were hiding under a rock for the last week, you saw Kathy Griffin's stunt with the effigy of Donald Trump's head. Jeb Lund runs down all the various opinions one might have about said stunt. [Mic]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Wildwood is a Jersey Shore town like no other mainly for its preponderance of knock-off t-shirt shops. Dan McQuade gives you the rundown on what's hot there this year. [The Concourse]

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