Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Women's Money Fallout

Carmella and Ellsworth's scripted actions made a lot of people rightfully angry
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Hump Day is upon the world, and that means one thing and one thing only: LINKS ON THE WRESTLING BLOG, HEEEEYYYY YAH. The historic women's Money in the Bank with a historically shitty ending produced quite a few good reads this week. For the full list, see below!

WWE having James Ellsworth lift the Money in the Bank briefcase was bad, but the takes that followed from haughty, sexist, WWE-defending loons were worse. I took them down here. [The Wrestling Blog]

Ashly Nagrant has figured out WWE's formula for a women's revolution: just add men! [Deadshirt]

I didn't write a review, and I don't recommend watching Money in the Bank, but if you wanna know what happened with some detail and analysis, I recommend checking Nick Piccone's recap. [Philly Voice]

In case you want to know about women's wrestling that's actually centered on the women, Alexandra has a great primer/entry guide to the world of joshi, just for you. [Wrestling With Words]

And if you want some more info on a great woman wrestler, check out this interview with Angelus Layne, one of the best on the indies. [Squared Circle Sirens]

The G1 Climax is coming soon, so read this explainer from Connor Dunphy on why Hirooki Goto actually has a character and why it's one of New Japan's best. [Not Even a Real Journalism]

Stephen T. Wright writes that WWE can never truly move forward as long as it remains under the spell of its halcyon Attitude Era days. [Paste Magazine]

Bill Hanstock experienced pro wrestling in a comic book shop, the height of nerd culture. [With Spandex]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Jetta Rae reminds everyone that one cannot just have coffee with a cop, because a cop's job is to protect that cup of coffee from you. [Fry Havoc]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Kedge Online asks an important question; what will the post-apocalyptic landscape look like? [HOT SPROTS TAKES]

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