Thursday, July 6, 2017

More Entrants Abound for Labor Day Tourneys

Morgan Webster is coming to PWG
Photo Creditt: Scott Finkelstein
King of Trios and Battle of Los Angeles are both happening Labor Day weekend, and it's estimated that combined, they'll employ about two-thirds of the available wrestlers not already employed by WWE. Coverage of both has been extensive, and as you can guess, both Chikara and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla have announced new competitors for their respective frays.

First, another native English trio will be joining the Trios party, as Attack! Pro Wrestling sends its Fun Police to make sure no one is having a good time. Since Chikara styles itself as the "fun" promotion, Damien Dunne and the Obstruction Bros. (better known outside of Attack as Jim and Lee Hunter) will have their work cut out for them. This tournament won't be the younger Dunne's first ride in Chikara. He teamed with his brother Pete and Mark Andrews at the tourney in 2014.

BOLA also dipped into the English well as it announced Flash Morgan Webster among its three latest announced entrants. Webster is the only debut of this latest crop of competitors, announced last night. Jeff Cobb and Trevor Lee are the other two, and their rap sheets in PWG are both longer than one match. All three will be welcome additions to the tournament, which has 14 of its 24 participants yet to be announced. With the ten already in, well, it's looking like this year's could surpass prior years, which since the field permanently expanded to 24, all have been the bar.

Both tournaments happen September 1 through 3. Chikara's will go down in Wolverhampton, England, while PWG actually hasn't really announced a venue yet. Most assume it will go down in Reseda, but the outside chance is always there that it'll happen in a bigger building. I mean, the next schedule show, Pushin' Forward Back, sold out well in advance, and standing room tickets cost $65. The demand lives, thrives even. But until otherwise is stated, I'm assuming it'll be Reseda until Super Dragon dies or joins a cult.