Monday, July 17, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

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Aleister Black: calmly sits mid ring
Bobby Fish: So this is new.
Black: wrestles
Fish: counter wrestles
Black: kicks him in the chest a few times and smirks
Fish: legsweeps him from the floor and works the leg over  This is the big bad, right?  corner Exploder  What's the matter, Ally?  They close the Hot Topic you manage?
Black: series of kicks, quebrada, big jumping knee I don't like your tone.  Fortunately, I will no longer have to hear it.  Black Mass
Referee: Winner!

Hideo: (via online vid last week) You're starting to piss me off.
Ohno: You know what?  SAME.

Vanessa Borne: debuts
Jayme Hachey: same yet is more powerful, bow and arrow
Borne: rallies with some double open handed chops, most of a dropkick, then kind of a Blue Thunder bomb
Referee: Mae Young Classic qualifier and winner!

Master Regal: You know, Robert, both Drew McIntyre and Killian Dain are undefeated.  In addition to that--
Bobby Roode: They want a shot at The Champ because who doesn't?  But hey, after those nutjobs jumped Drew in the parking lot last week, he'll probably want a piece of them, yeah?
Master Regal: You wouldn't be inferring this in the hopes of having them destroy each other rather than get a shot at the title, yes?
Roode: hdu
Master Regal: Regardless, you raise an excellent point, so they will face off next week...
Roode: Nice.
Master Regal: ...and the winner will get a shot at you and the title at our third annual Takeover emanating out of Brooklyn.
Roode: momentarily shocked, then laughs, smiles and walks

Johnathan Grapples: Chicago.  Here's the thing: I've thought about it a billion times since it happened.  I don't know why; I may never know why.  But it's time I let the past be the past and get back to living up to the name you guys gave me.
Full Sailors: Johnny Wrestling!  clap clap clapclapclap Johnny Wrestling!  clap clap clapclapclap

Heavy Machinery: shall not be moved
the Authors of Pain: grunt confusedly, and speak a little "Samoan"
Heavy Machinery: go forehead to forehead with them
the Authors: low bridge Tucker out and go to work
Tucker: fights his way out of the Bad Part of Town and clotheslines one
Referee: Tag!  Tag!
Otis: runs over Akam a few times, avalanches both It's time!
the Authors: break up their finisher, then execute theirs
Paul Ellering: Yes!  That's how you do it!
Referee: Winners!
Alexander Wolfe: (on the ramp, cackling) Are they?
Killian Dain: smiles menacingly next to him
Nikki Cross: cackles
Pages: suddenly fall from the sky
Wolfe: eats some
Authors and Ellering: stare at them in confusion and mild anger