Friday, July 21, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

DMC tried to punch his ticket to a shot at King Glorious the First
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Some Full Sailors: Let's go, Ruby!
Some Full Sailors: Let's go, Ember!
Both: exchange rollups and pinning combinations
All Full Sailors: applause Women's wrestling! clap clap clapclap
Ruby: Armdrags! Reverse headscissors into the middle turnbuckle! Saito suplex!
Ember: Allow me to retort: STO backbreaker! Flatliner!
Ruby: You're not stealing my shot, and/or possibly a werewolf! Togo senton! Supercanrana!
Ember: Did you just call me a… okay, I see your point REGARDLESS! Discus punch!
Ruby: oh christ possible that sucked
Ember: One legged dropkick con authoridad! Powerbomb! Ruby Riot, you're about to get Eclipsed.
Ruby: does
Referee: Winner!
All Full Sailors: applaud

Kassius Ohno: Well, it is weird being back here. All the new faces, and
Hideo Itami: And you asked for a match against me next week?
KO1.0: I did. I told you, I'm done talking, and I'm focused on action.
Hideo: Action? whatever #tmfrh in Japanese is and some other curses, kicks a trash can and leaves

Oney Lorcan: glowers
Danny Burch: smirks slightly
Both: wrestle and counter wrestle
Burch: Right. Enough of this. right hand Maybe I should've said those in reverse order. Second rope dropkick! Rope hung cutter!
Nigel McGuinness: sotto voce from the broadcast table I better have just made 46 pence for that bit
Oney: Running Blockbuster! Diving Euro!
Nigel: He drew blood with that one, mates, just like he did on Hideo the last time we saw him!
Both: forehead to forehead, throwing Euros
Oney: Right. Enough of this. increasingly violent and louder slaps to the face And now for another charging
Oney: ...OW.
Oney: Kickout! Also, OW. Thanks for charging, Storm half crab!
Burch: taps
Nigel: The man's a product of his training!
Oney: Fair's fair. extends the Hand of Friendship
Burch: Right, then. shakes, pulls him in But I want another shot.
Full Sailors: One more time! One more time!
Oney: No skin off my nose. Consider it done.

No Way Jose: dances about
Cezar Bononi: But I have a Tron now! And a really nice dropkick...
Jose: Who do you think I am, Andrade? Batter Uppercut! pop up right
Referee: Winner!
Andrade "Catorce" Almas: Heard somebody mention my name. stomps out Bononi in retribution
Definitely Not Rosita: That's it, baby.
Jose: (from the ramp) That's not right. runs down to make the save
Decisiete y No Es Rosita: bail

Drew: Oh, man. This is going exactly how I planned it. I even landed a shot off the top! I beat I'm going to
Dain: Flying Knox
DMC: that you mention it, I think I'm bleeding inside my chest.
Dain: Elbow drops! Neck vice!
DMC: Neck vice? Really?
Dain: I'm quite sizeable!
DMC: Whatever. Powerbomb! BOOT in the mouth! Air Raid Crash!
Dain: This isn't going to end well for you. Wasteland! Senton! VADER BOMB!
DMC: Kickout...right? Yes. Well, it's not like I need my ribs to breathe.
Dain: You'll be unconscious soon, anyhow. And now for the…
DMC: nononononononononono
Dain: Fine. I have other ways, you know. Powerbomb! Avalanche release Perfectplex!
DMC: ...kickout.
Dain: Well, that was your last one. Time for the One Win... uhhh
DMC: Lo, a wild Future Shock appears!
Dain: kicks out at one
Dain: (doesn't stay down but is staggered, on his knees) COME ON WITH IT, THEN!
DMC: does
Referee: Winner!
Drew: (loud enough to be heard without the mic) This isn't Bobby Roode's NXT! I'm coming for you, and your bloody title! NXT!