Friday, July 28, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

He wears the black hat
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Ember Moon: What's a Lei'd Tapa?  a handful of moves and a Eclipse later
Referee: Winner!
Ember: I want Asuka at TOBKIII.  If she's looking for a worthy challenger and competition, I'll punch those tickets.  I'll beat the unbeaten.  I'm ready for it...but is she? 

the Authors of Pain: come out
Nikki Cross: Hi again!
SAnitY: jump the cannon fodder from behind and lay them out
AOP: look briefly puzzled, then briefly upset, then hit the ring
All Four: fight
SAnitY: wins at first
AOP: wins the rest
SAnitY: laugh uproariously while heading up the ramp

Rosita Zelina Vega: Jose, it was nice of you to stand up for what you believe in last week.  But Cien doesn't care about that.  Now?  You can't dance your way out of the trouble you just bought.

Velveteen Dream: poses, pouts, goes crazy, goes nuts, etc.
Cezar Bononi: But I have a nice dropkick.
VD: Nicer elbowdrop, darling.
Referee: Winner!
VD: I'm not doing an interview in front of these uggo, I mean, this ugliness.
Full Sailors: Boo!

Master Regal: At Takeover: Brooklyn, Ember Moon will indeed face Asuka for the NXT Women's World Championship.

Drew McIntyre: Allow me to go back before I continue moving forward--yeah, I was the Chosen One.  Entitlement seeped from my pores.  I had to get lost to get found again, by being the hardest worker in the world.  That's why I came back, and specifically to NXT.  Because everyone is busting their ass besides Bobby Roode.  He thinks he's entitled to call it his NXT?  NO.  It's that guy's, that kid's, those guys', all our NXT.  Stand up and say it!
Full Sailors: We are NXT!

Hideo: is a hard striker
K.O.1.0: is also a hard striker
Both: hit each other real hard
Full Sailors: cheer for both
Kassius: Shining Wizard!  Cyclone Kick!
Hideo: Kickout!  Fisherman's suplex!  Hesitation dropkick!  Kassius Ohno, if that is your real name, now you Go To Sleep!
Kassius: Nope!
Hideo: Actually...I think you will.  kicks him in the balls
Referee: ...dude, we don't do that around here.  points to Ohno Winner!
Hideo: Winner?  Him?  We'll see.  barrage of kicks, GO TO SLEEP


And I'm done.

...JK pulls him out to the floor and GTSes him with the steps.

NOW I'm done.  There's your damn winner.  heads up the ramp
Full Sailors: BOO!!!
Kassius: slumps down into the steps drooling