Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Women's Rumblings and More

The Angle doc is as real as it gets
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A blessed and glorious hump day is upon the world once again. Why do you look so glum? Cast off the midweek malaise and get over the summit with these wonderful links to stories you may have missed in the last week. Read and rejoice!

Alberto el Patron was arrested for a domestic violence incident. I wrote about how said incident highlighted wrestling's inadequacy with dealing with such abuse. [The Wrestling Blog]

I also had a few things to say about the rumors of why Talking Smack met its demise. The gist? Don't be so quick to take red meat that paints Vince McMahon as a fogey and Triple H as your savior [The Wrestling Blog]

The Mae Young Classic kicked off, and Adam Johnson has reason to be cautiously optimistic about it, despite the fact that it looks loaded. [AJV1]

British women's promotion Pro Wrestling EVE filmed a documentary of some note called Piledrive a Fascist. [Squared Circle Sirens]

Maya Jones sat down with Sydelle Noel from the hit series GLOW, which still has legs even three weeks after release. [The Undefeated]

WWE has a big problem with its alignment and politics. Scarlett Harris examines why WWE's progressive heels and regressive faces are out of whack. [Paste Magazine]

You want real and raw? Ian Williams argues the WWE 24 documentary on Kurt Angle is as real and raw as it gets. [VICE Sports]

Wrestling and The Simpsons have a rich history together. James Martinez counts down the top ten wrestling characters to appear on the eternally running series. [Cheap Pop Culture]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Why does minor league indoor football flail in a football-crazed country? Rovitz takes a good look at it. [HOT SPROTS TAKES]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Elle Collins dream-casts the Tomb of Dracula comic series, which includes Blade. [SyFy Wire]