Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Your Midweek Links:

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What a wonderful Wednesday today is. The sun is (probably) shining. The birds (if they live in your area) are singing. And you now (definitely) have links to read to pass the time. Of course, if you're driving home from Maine to the greater Philadelphia area like me, you won't have time to read them, but I've already pre-approved these bad boys, and hey, this list ain't going anywhere. READ.

Elliot has your hookup to get the skinny on the first five nights of the G1 Climax. Check his recap out and his top five matches. [The Wrestling Blog]

Great Khali is back in WWE, so Bill Hanstock has a tribute to his awesome Instagram account. [With Spandex]

Whenever you give Jim Cornette attention, Colette Arrand argues that you give him life. Just stop listening to him, aight? [Paste Magazine]

The Lady J writes a primer on wrestling to a child. If you take away one thing, it should be that you always be a babyface in your own life. [The Lady J Says]

Brock Lesnar's matches are all ad-libbed according to Samoa Joe. Sean Reuter has that rundown for you. [Cageside Seats]

Wanna see a mini-documentary on Evie/Dakota Kai's transition from indies to WWE? Of course you do! [Squared Circle Sirens]

Speaking of women's wrestling, Mohamed has his top 20 women's matches in WWE from this year so far for you to peruse. [Medium]

Brock Jahnke waxes nostalgic about the sports bar, the place where he would go watch WWE pay-per-view events before the Network made them affordable for everyone. [Wrestling With Words]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Trevor Strunk examines the eSports phenomenon and how works alongside non-video game sport in today's digital world. [No Cartridge]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Spencer Hall pens an ode to the most mythical of Dad creatures, The Burly Dad. [Every Day Should Be Saturday]