Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Devon Moore Needs Help

Don't fuckin' steal from The Bad Boy, alright?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Joey Janela has made a name for himself on the indies by traversing different paths and taking risks. In a homogenized scene, that has made him one of the biggest stars not signed to a major company as of yet. However, the increased payouts he gets makes him a target for scams and theft, more so than other guys. Over the weekend, someone was scummy enough to make Janela a target, stealing his wallet from out of the locker room. Of course, Janela made the world aware of it via Twitter and threatened to release the name if he didn't give it back; the locker room was under surveillance. The culprit didn't come forward, and Janela let the world know who he was:
So, Devon Moore, a veteran of Combat Zone Wrestling and the Philly/South Jersey wrestling scene, not only stole personal belongings, but he used the money from them to buy drugs allegedly. It's both infuriating that Janela or any other wrestler who might share a locker room with him can't trust him, but also sad that the dude is far gone to the opioid crisis that he's resorted to stealing from people who once considered him a friend. Blackballing him right now might seem harsh, but it's a necessary first step. However, the people who care about Moore need to get him help and get him help now. Trust me, I know from experience seeing friends struggle through this. They need tough love, but the tough can't come without the love. Someone needs to get him to rehab. It works. Trust me, I know, not from experience thank God, but I've had friends who went through it. Until then, maybe the local wrestling companies should all take a hint and shut Moore out.