Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Southern Style Trios to Go Down in November

Check the poster!
Graphics via @SCITournament
King of Trios may be happening in the United Kingdom this year, but that doesn't mean that Stateside won't have some hot, six-man tag action in tournament format. The folks who brought you the Scenic City Invitational and the Scenic City Rumble will be presenting Scenic City Trios! Eight teams of three will gather on November 18 at Hixson High School in, duh, Hixson, TN in a one-night single-elimination tournament. The first announcement, however, was for an exhibition singles match. The winner of the 2016 Scenic City Invitational, Gunner Miller, will go one-on-one with Georgia's preeminent HOSS, Cyrus the Destroyer. My guess is this match will be the buffer between the two semifinal matches and the main event final.

As for who will participate, my guess is it will draw heavily from the local scene. The Scenic City gang is nothing if not dedicated to evangelizing the local Georgia/Tennessee/Carolinas talent to the rest of the world. My hope will be that it's a field like the SCI or that imitates King of Trios in that the base is localized with key visiting teams. I'd love to see a South vs. The World motif, putting four Southern trios against teams from other parts of the country or even the globe. I'd love to see teams from, say, Chikara, Beyond, Freelance, Inspire Pro, Absolute Intense Wrestling, the United Kingdom, Australia, or even Mexico come in and compete.

Still, it's great to see the folks down there in the Chattanooga area building a more complete scene. Even if this collective just ends up having one event per quarter, it'll be worth it. This trios tournament won't replace King of Trios, but it will be a nice alternative for fans who might want an event built around the six-man tag even if they can't afford to go across the Atlantic.