Friday, October 20, 2017

Blockbuster News: Powerbomb TV and Smart Mark Video Are Teaming Up

Teaming up with Smart Mark to give you the best in indie wrestling for a low, low monthly rate
Graphics via Powerbomb.TV
Remember the halcyon days of FloSlam? When Wrestling Twitter and other insiders spoke of something that would CHANGE THE INDUSTRY in hushed tones before their embargo on it was lifted, it felt like this streaming service would change things drastically, except it was an overpriced option with limited content. Of course, everyone knows how that tale ended. Simultaneously, another streaming service, Powerbomb TV, started up on the low key, collecting promotions from around the world on its own service at a price point similar to that of WWE Network. Well, hold onto your britches, because PBTV has announced the most ideal partner possible: Smart Mark Video.

Smart Mark, along with Highspots, has been the premiere distributor of indie wrestling video almost for as long as the indies have been a prominent part of the wrestling lexicon. The group came into prominence as Chikara's major distributor, but since, it's garnered a collection of diverse indie promotions around the country, including Absolute Intense Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and many, many others. PBTV partnering with them pretty much breaks the scene wide open. Now, a huge percentage of American indies and other promotions worldwide will be available for streaming. Between PBTV and Highspots Network, you might have mostly every indie in America under wraps outside of a scant few.

All new events available to Smart Mark will go on PBTV as they're added to the library, and Smart Mark's backlog will be added over time. Amazingly, the price point will remain the same, $9.99/month, making this an incredible deal. You can also get a 20 day free trial if you sign up and use one of the several special codes associated with promotions involved. To make the news even better, PBTV is continuing to develop a Roku app, and is working out the bugs before sending it to the folks at Roku for approval.

It's a great time for wrestling, and the folks at PBTV want to show you firsthand. Nothing will make it easier for you to catch up with the indies than getting a good streaming service with a lot of content on it. Personally, I'm going to be getting a PBTV sub whenever I can, but Highspots Network is good too. And hey, if you're a wealthy businessman with a lot of money to throw around, get both. Wrestling is more than WWE, and even more than Ring of Honor, Impact, and New Japan. Get in on the ground floor and support indie wrestling. It's easier than ever.