Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Final Trio for Scenic City Is Set

The final trio!
Graphics via. @SCITournament
The eighth and final team for Scenic City Trios was announced last night, and now the field is set. The last team in is A Case of Ducklings, which consists of Ethan Case and the team of the Ugly Ducklings, Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy. Case has actually gotten himself quite a few bookings in the WWN Live family of promotions, most notably Style Battle. The Ducklings are a southern tag team staple, and this team will round out a solid slate of teams for the November 18, one-night tourney.

The other teams competing in this inaugural slate are the Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) f/ Tripp Cassidy, The Viking War Party (Frank Wyatt, Jake Parnell, Alex Rudolph), Southern Motors (Cousins Cletus and Shaggy, Torque), The Gym Nasty Boys f/Mallaki Matthews, The Nightmare Mob (Kyle Matthews, Joey and Matt Lynch), Team Glory Pro (Myron Reed, Gary Jay, Curt Stallion), and Team SUP Graps (Kevin Ku, AJ Gray, Jaden Newman. That field is full of a combination of young, hungry, unknown teams with some more recognized indie guys sprinkled in. Either way, it should be one hoot of a tournament. And of course, Cyrus the Destroyer will battle Gunner Miller in an exhibition match.

With King of Trios having taken place in England, Scenic City Trios will be your best shot to see six-man action in the States this year. Head to the Chattanooga area on November 18 to get your fix. If you want tickets, contact Dylan Hales (dylanwaco@gmail.com). They're super-affordable, like $15 for floor seats affordable. You won't need to sell a kidney to get up close and personal here. Honestly, that's the way wrestling should be, especially indie wrestling.