Monday, November 20, 2017

Glory, Glory to the Trios Champions

Stallion, Jay, and Reed made a bit of history Saturday night
Photo Credit: Dylan Hales
So the biggest trios tournament on American soil this year took place Saturday night, and by all accounts, it was, as the kids say, a hoot. The Viking War Party and the Carnies continued their war, Gunner Miller had another showcase singles match, and after the event, I assume much cheesecake was consumed at the City Cafe. That being said, all events need to have winners, and a trio of lads from the St. Louis area decided they were going to be the ones taking home the first ever Scenic City Trios mantel, specifically, two of Michael Elgin's proteges and an old barn owl from the Submission Squad.

Team Glory Pro, featuring inaugural Crown of Glory Champion "Hot Fire" Myron Reed, former Anarchy Championship Wrestling Champion Curt Stallion, and multiple former titleholder Gary Jay came, saw, and conquered Chattanooga. Their final test was the Nightmare Mob, featuring Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling Championship Tournament finalist Joey Lynch and all-around Southern indie legend Kyle Matthews, but they passed with flying colors. So what's next for the Glory Pro boys, other than heading back to St. Louis and preparing for the arrival of one Tetsuya Naito? I'm not entirely sure.

However, the Scenic City group will be back on February 10, 2018 with the second annual Scenic City Rumble. Tank won last year's titular battle royale, but he won't be back to defend his crown because he's retired. Someone new will get a chance to win the South's big rumble match and stake their claim to the fourth annual Scenic City Invitational. All in all, big things are afoot for the folks down in Chattanooga. One of these days, I'm gonna have to get down there, watch some good ol' fashioned, grimy Southern graps, and get me some cheesecake at the City Cafe.