Thursday, November 16, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

Drew asked for it, and he got it
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Street Profits: black cups and swagging out
Riddick Moss and Tino Sabotelli/Young Money: Tino shows off his abs and everyone tries to ignore the fact Riddick looks like Starburns
Riddick Moss: cheats to get the advantage, then stirs it up, thus invoking the curse of Lil' B tha Based God
Angelo Dawkins: pins down Tino after a punch
Riddick Moss: stopped from getting into the ring by Montez Ford
Referee: Winners!
Street Profits: celebrate in the crowd
Lil' B: That's what happens, tho

vidpac ahead of the Black/Dream match this Saturday

Lars Sullivan: shows up
Raul Mendoza: is clearly doomed
Lars: squanch squish SQUASH
Referee: Winner!
Lars: debates whether or not to eat what he's just killed
Kassius Ohno: runs out and stares him down
Lars: laughs for a good long while then leaves

John Garg: Mr. Regal, I know I still belong.  I can turn this around still.
Master Regal: Easy, lad.  I have faith in you--so much so I think you'd be a perfect fit to answer Pete Dunne's open challenge for the UK Championship next week.
John Garg: You mean Saturday?
Master Regal: I most certainly do not.
John Garg: AH.  Either way, I accept.  they shake hands and he departs

God's Production Team: Did y'all know WARGAMES IS THIS SATURDAY!?

Mercedes Martinez: alternates between cheating and overpowering Ember Moon
Ember Moon: Basement dropkick!
Mercedes: Spinebuster!  Massive chop!  Tres Amigas!
Ember: Kickout!  Owenzuigiri!  Tope suicida!
Full Sailors: NXT!  NXT!  NXT!  NXT!
Ember: Mercedes Martinez, consider yourself
Mercedes: Blocking your finisher!  Rope hung cutter!
Nigel McGuinness: She better be buying me a pint after the show...
Referee: Kickout!
Ember: Soccer kick to the back while you're in the ropes!  Springboard curb stomp!  Consider yourself Eclipsed!
Referee: Winner!
Nikki Cross: shows up but doesn't get physical
Peyton Royce: ditto but Australian
Kairi Sane: ditto but nautically themed

Drew McIntyre: Congrats to the Idol for his plan, well, Zelina's, working.  But they're in trouble, since asking for the opportunity and getting it are two different things that'll make it real easy to show everyone if Cien's a man or not.  Come face me like a man, Cien.  But don't do it to prove anything to me or Zelina.  Do it to prove something to yourself... unless you aren't allowed off of the leash.
Zelina Vega: shows up
Andrade "Cien" Almas: shows up in a fighting mood and heads down to the ring to indulge it
DMC: was probably born that way and engages in kind, eventually getting the upper hand
Zelina Vega: Plancha!
DMC: sets her down What are you even DOING
Cien: Chop block!  Beatdown!  Hammerlock DDT!
Zelina: holds up the Big X and yells inspirationally at/to Cien This is what it's all about!  This is the goal!  This is the prize!
Cien: nods raptly
Zelina: lightly drops the belt on Drew's side before leaving with her charge