Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Wrestling Six Packs: Matches for Daisuke Sekimoto

He's coming back to America...
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
I don't know if you've heard the news, but EVOLVE announced that Daisuke Sekimoto, the beefy Big Japan/All-Japan HOSS who's all the rage among the puroresu community, will be coming over for WrestleMania weekend this year. Of course, no matches have been announced yet because it's still five months out, but the mere announcement of Sekimoto sent tingles of joy throughout the spines of fans everywhere. He's been to America before, namely for Chikara King of Trios in 2010, but he'll presumably have a singles spotlight on him. In classic fatalist fashion, most people assumed Gabe Sapolsky would book him against just the dullest talent possible. However, Sapolsky may not even be in charge of booking EVOLVE by then, and honestly, I wanna look on the bright side anyway. The following are six opponents I'd wanna see throw down with one half of Strong BJ Mania weekend.

1. Keith Lee - Look, if you didn't think Lee would be the first on this list, you're a madman. He's not only the current presumed ace of the whole WWN Live family as Champion, but he's goddamn beefy. Who doesn't wanna see two beefy dudes go full elephant seal on each other? They'd cause the earth to shake and everyone in attendance would be better for the experience.

2. Darby Allin - On the complete opposite of the beefy boy spectrum is Allin, who's pretty much the most smol bean wrestler in the WWN family. Not only is big vs. little one of the best match types when the big guy is an adequate or better base, this matchup has the extra cache in that Allin doesn't care one iota for his own personal health and safety. Just imagine the big highspots in your average Allin match with the violent and perhaps inhuman Sekimoto on the other end of them? They'll make every highlight reel for the weekend.

3. Jason Kincaid - In the same vein as Allin, Kincaid would be an excellent opponent for Sekimoto in the size contrast category. What he lacks in disregard for his own body, he makes up for in total weirdness. I wanna see how Sekimoto might react to Kincaid walking the ropes without care or going right into his Indian-style seat giving him the ol' Namaste.

4. Fred Yehi - Everyone should wrestle Fred Yehi (that is, if he hasn't signed his deal and trotted off to the Performance Center by then 😟). While I wouldn't mind seeing anyone from the #grapplefuck gang take on Sekimoto, Yehi is probably the best candidate because of his frenetic pacing and his utter personality. He'd probably get the best output from Sekimoto on the mat, and I definitely wanna see him react when Yehi yells "YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE!" to him.

5. Jack Swagger - Alright, enough of the small guys. I wanna see Sekimoto against some BEEF, and Swagger fits the bill with his hefty, cornfed, WWE-favored frame. He not only could throw the bombs at Sekimoto that someone like Lee could, but he's also got the chops on the mat to make it a different match than most other big guys could provide. I soured on Swagger towards the end of his WWE run, and I haven't seen any of his indie run so far. However, this feels like a match that could reinvigorate him and get a huge reaction from any crowd.

6. Nick Gage - Look, I'm a simple man with simple needs. I just wanna see pure violence in the ring. Not only can Gage dish it out, he can take it. Sekimoto's been in Big Japan. I'm sure he's no stranger to weapons. Let these two MDK each other for like ten minutes, and then afterwards, they can team up and MDK all the other motherfuckers in the audience who are too soft to handle it.