Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Jericho Keeps 'Em Guessing

Sami Zayn keeps Elliot around, while the end of their last teaming is examined in depth
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Wednesday is here, which means HUMP DAY. You're almost to the weekend, but it's still too far away for you to tangibly grasp with your fingertips. What can you do to make it get here faster? Why not spend some quality time at work reading these lovely articles I'm linking RIGHT HERE. You will be satisfied, I promise or my name isn't Lon Chaney IV.

Elliot, like me, is an avowed pinko, but he still subs to the fascist-owned WWE Network. Why? Because of people like Sami Zayn. [The Wrestling Blog]

Manami Toyota has retired, and I let you know why you should care and why she's an absolute legend. [The Wrestling Blog]

Ian Williams takes a deep dive investigating the implications of Chris Jericho jumping to New Japan Pro Wrestling to wrestle Kenny Omega. [VICE Sports]

David Bixenspan examines how difficult it is to build a pro wrestling Hall of Fame through the example of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Hall. [Deadspin]

Survivor Series has lost a bit of its shine, and Nick Piccone examines why. [Medium]

JJ McGee revisits the end of the Steenerico team at Final Battle 2009 through the lens of an Edmund Burke quote about despair. [Spectacle of Excess]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Elle Collins gives their take on dream casting a movie for the comic title Kill Them All. [SyFy Wire]

NON-WRESTLING #2: Scott Kacsmar word-vomited about Carson Wentz again. I explain why it doesn't matter that he's such an obtuse fuckhead about Wentz, but also why it's essential that I keep calling him out. [Medium]