Friday, December 15, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

Undisputedly undefeated
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Andrade "Cien" Almas: Look at this shiny new belt!  Yo soy el campeon de mundo, pinche Sailors, and I...
Fabian Aichner: Tilt a whirl backbreaker!  Springboard plancha!  Springboard tornado DDT!  Powerbomb!  Hey, you can't interfe--
Zelina Vega: drops down from the apron
Cien: shoves him to the floor, throws him into the steps, then gives him the 100 Headaches in the ring
Referee: Winner!
Cien: Pfft.  Of course I am.  Like it was ever in doubt.
Zelina: You got something on your brow, babe.
Cien: dabs lightly before holding up the belt a few more times

Alexander Wolfe's Takeover Induced Head Scars: take up the screen for a few seconds
Eric Young: We are full of restless nights and unfinished business.  WarGames was as beautiful as we thought it would be; while the outcome was not ideal we have yet to leave the battlefield.  We're still here.  We will finish what we started in Houston next week.
SAnitY: laughs manically, as is their wont
Danny Burch: peace sign
Oney Lorcan: is number one.
Some Full Sailors: One-two!  One-two!  One-two!
the Authors of Pain: come out
Danny: lays in some European uppercuts
Oney: tags in and lays in some hard chops and a flurry
One-Two: beat on the Authors in the corners
the Authors: no sell, DVD into the corner, Super Collider, Last Chapter
Referee: What an uncommonly violent 90 seconds.  Anyhow, winners! 

Ember Moon: alternately cheers and howls
Full Sailors: show the love
Team Iconic: comes out
Full Sailors: show slightly less love
Billie Kay: You got this, boo!
Peyton Royce: I do!
Ember: dodges some offense, sends Royce to the outside, and planchas them both before rolling Peyton back in
Billie: Hey!  You can't do that to my friend!
Ember: shoos her away
Peyton: 619s Ember in the back then uses the ropes to assist with a bow and arrow I hate you!
Ember: spinning back kick, step up enzuigiri, European uppercut
Peyton: blocks a Liger Bomb attempt
Ember: superkicks the back of her knee, springboard stomp, Eclipse
Referee: Winner!
Billie: Loser!  boots Ember down Boo, come help me!
Team Iconic: two women bulldog facebuster
Nikki: shows up and beats up the heels, then alternates looks between the belt and the champ before running the ropes and leaving of her own accord
Ember: crawls to the belt and staggers up to a knee while looking confused  

Some Guy: comes out with his friends, they all throw up their gang sign then they leave
Aleister Black: comes out alone, Full Sailors singing along to part of his theme
Both: go at it on the mat
Some Guy: escapes and blows a kiss to Black  
He and Full Sailors: ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!
Cole: snapmare and paintbrushing ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!
Black: five strike party, short range Knee Trembler, sits down mid ring — it's a thing he does
Cole: Crossfaces Black
Black: crawls for a while, then eventually gets the ropes
Cole: stays on for 4, then alternates stomps with smacktalking ADAM COLE, BAY BAY! 
Black: eight strike party ending with a quebrada
Cole: lands a hangman from the apron then flies off into a Crocop shot
Black: prepares the Mass
Cole: flash enzuigiri and lungblower
Referee: Kickout! 

Cole: lands a familiar looking move
Mauro: doesn't call the neckbreaker over the knee the oshigoroshi
Black: kicks out, lands a bicycle knee, prepares once again
Cole: What do you got?!
Black: Mass
Referee: Winner!