Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hold Onto Your Butts: Joey Janela Booked Himself against GREAT SASUKE for Spring Break II

The Bad Boy gonna tangle with a Japanese legend as crazy as he is
Photo Credit: Scott Finkeltein
Last year, WrestleMania weekend's highlight show was undoubtedly Joey Janela's Spring Break. The combination of violence, manic wackiness, comedy, and nostalgia made it a huge success, at least critically. And it was enough of a monetary success that it's getting a sequel this year. While Matt Riddle (who is also promoting a show Mania weekend called Bloodsport, which has a lot of people excited for different reasons) and Dan Severn headlined the show, Janela wrestled his own personal dream match against Marty Jannetty on the second match from the top in what I can only call the greatest self-aware contest of all-time. This year, his opponent is just as crazy, mythical, and huge, but for different reasons:

Good God.

Great Sasuke is the OG insane Japanese junior heavyweight, or at least the OG one still with us (RIP Hayabusa). He was in the best match of one of the most important pay-per-views of all-time (ECW's Barely Legal), and he also was a huge reason why Canadian Stampede to this day remains one of WWE's best, if not its best, pay-per-view ever. Known for crazy, reckless flips and big air, Sasuke is in some respects a kindred soul to Janela, who has been known to take huge risks that may or may not indicate he cares about his own physical health. In short, this match should be insane and probably not for the faint of heart. However, it is the perfect first announced match for a show that was renowned for how off the beaten path it was last year. Also, the actual video is so well-shot and modern-feeling. It's better than most WWE hype packages, and those are industry standard for how good they are.