Friday, January 26, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

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Johnny Pardo, If You've Done Enough Smelling Salts: Live *coughtotape* from WWEPC, it's Wednesday Velveteen Dream!
the New Dream: Ambiance.  "kills" the lights  Atmosphere.  rolling CGIed purple fog Illumination: we all dream of being NXT Champion one day.  Johnathan, you dream of one day becoming so.  And you can do it, I have no doubt of that, but not yet.  Not when the choices are you and I.  Your rise?  Tainted.  Marred with doubt.   Moreover, my experience was pure.  No matter how the pieces fall tonight...a dream will be over.

No Way Jose: New year!  Same me!  No way I'm losing my return match!
Cezar Bononi: But I
Jose: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!  alley oop right
Referee: It is high! It is far! And. It. Isssssssssssssssssss . GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEE...uh, I mean, winner!
Jose: dances "no way I'm losing my return match" hee hee hee

Bianca BelAir: shows up still looking like the future of the division
Luscious Latasha: But I
BB: shoots her down, throws in a hair whip, overhead powerbomb
Referee: Winner!

Percy Watson, "Earlier Today": hooboy is this awkward
Ember Moon: (glaring) You're a bully who thinks you can take shortcuts in my division.  Are you overcompensating for something?
Shayna Baszler: per usual, barely restraining herself from making the jerkoff motion on WWETV and smirking This isn't about what I did to Dakota, or Aliyah or Kairi.  You stir up the waters to catch fish, and you're the big fish in this pond.
Moon: I got that way for a reason.  There's a code: sportsmanship, skill, honor and heart.  You owe yourself and your division, and should you ever get to where I am you m i g h t get a small glimpse of what that means.  Not this Saturday, though.
Shayna: You worked hard, started from nothing, achieved your dreams.  Hoo.  Ray.  I worked just as hard, and come Saturday once you come to?  I'm walking away with your title and your dreams.
Moon: gets up
Shayna: does as well
Percy: uh shayna anything you want to communicate to our fans?
Shayna: Nah.  They're just gonna have to get used to it.  walks
Moon: glares
Who Are TM61, Part the Second

the Authors: GORSH two people, yell in Samoan, but also this: Undisputed Era!  This is you!  Come Saturday!

Johnny Gargano: wildly cheered by the Center Stagers
Velveteen Dream: comes out in a modified Whole Shebang shirt cut to a crop top; not quite cheered as much but it's still audible
Some Center Stagers: Johnny Wrestling!
Other Center Stagers: Vel vet een!
Johnny: controls him on the mat for a while
Dream: counters once and celebrates before mock crying in Johnny's face You're not ready for Takeover!  You're not ready!
Johnny: stares blankly then almost locks in the Gargano Escape
Dream: bails to the floor looking agahst
Johnny: waves him back in and goes to work Dropkick in the back to send you into the table!  Cannonball suicida!  Superman sp
Dream: BLOCK!  Rope hung swinging neckbreaker!  YOU DON'T DESERVE MY SPOT!  tosses him and goes up
Center Stagers: buzz
Dream: climbs back into the ring then hits an axehandle off the apron
Center Stagers: BOO! 
Johnny: Forearms!  Step up Owenzuigiri!  Rollthru kick!  Flying Flatliner!
Dream: Kickout!  Superkick!
Johnny: LARIAT!
Center Stagers: Fight Forever!
Johnny: Gamengiri!
Dream: Dice Roll DDT!
Johnny: Kickout!  Tope suicida!  goes up
Johnny: ...
Johnny: ...
Johnny: ...KICKOUT!
Dream: goes up Purple Rainmaker!
Johnny: Knees up!  Basement superkick!  Gargano Escape!  You go tap now!
Dream: does

Johnny: celebrates
PA System: El Idolo!
Zerdrade: come out laughing and smiling, enter the ring
Andrade: holds up the new Big X and hands it off
Johnny: Nice try.  blocks initial assault attempt
Andrade: Could say the same to you, puto.  starts laying in a flurry of ambidexterous forearms and tosses Johnny before holding his belt up Wait...people shouldn't be cheering that...
Johnny: slowly getting up on the apron
Andrade: charges with the belt
Johnny: lands a gamengiri then his slingshot DDT, then looks at the champ...then at the belt
Center Stagers: Touch it!  Touch it!
Johnny: eventually does
Center Stagers: HE DID THE THING
Johnny: looks it over and hoists it in the air, as you know
Some Guy In Milwaukee: ...this is that bullshit right here.
Zelina: yells at Johnny
Johnny: smiles at her and hoists the belt up again

Kassius Ohno Backstage After The Credits: Heard you was talkin' shit, Sign o' the Times!