Monday, January 29, 2018

The 2017 TWB 100: Meet Your Voters and Others Receiving Votes

Darby Allin *just* missed the cut this year
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Hello, friends, and welcome to the rollout of the TWB 100 for the calendar year of 2017. The votes have been received and tabulated, and now the fun part begins. I will begin unveiling the list tomorrow, but first, why don't you sit back and meet the people responsible for putting this thing together, okay? While the voter count was down this year — I received 23 ballots, down from 66 last year (yikes) — the stock and quality of voters remained at high levels. Additionally, out of 23 voters, 15 submitted the full 100, which is an astounding percentage. To all who voted, pat yourselves on the back, for now you will be made known to the world. If you have any issues with this year's TWB 100, the people you'd take it up with are the voters, but if you have any problems and you wanna bother my pure, sweet Large Adult Sons and Daughters, please don't. They voted. You didn't. Anyway...

TH - Pokémon enthusiast

Chris Gibbons - 24th place finisher in 1999 Heisman Trophy voting

Jeremy Carlile - Currently the leader of the Labour Party in the United Ki... oh, that's Jeremy Corbyn? I'm sorry

Willow Maclay - The current linear PANCRASE World Champion

Jonathon Hunt - Once ate a taco while being chased by wolverines

Antonio Cruz - Was once known merely as Cruz until he won the first name from a heated game of sabacc from Cesaro

Brock Jahnke - The most beloved Brock associated with wrestling

Adam Blount - Once picked Cooper Manning in his fantasy football league

Dylan Hales - TWB 100 co-founder and not the last person to submit a ballot this year for once

Joshua Browns - Namesake of that football team in Cleveland, no matter how hard he tries to dissociate from it

Kirk Dessler - The rare person whose spoonerism is just as valid a name as his regular name

David Hobbs - Imaginary tiger

Adam Shinder - Inventor of the CD jewel case

Andrew Smith - Was once mistaken for Sturgill Simpson at a CVS Pharmacy in Bristol, TN

Ryan Neely - Once killed a man for calling him "Bam"

Bryan Heaton - Staff writer for the Daily DDT and man who once successfully herded cats

Scott Raychel - Will cut you if you rate a Jeff Rosenstock album anything less than 4.5 stars on Allmusic

Brady Childs - Olive oil and balsamic vinegar salesman

Bobby Godfrey - The one Yankees fan I allowed to vote on this thing, at least knowingly

Xavier Goncalves - Bribed me with linguica to allow his ballot to count for five

Mike Pankowski - Creator of the fun party game, Bolivian Roulette

Henry Casey - Knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, and guess what, it's in your small intestine!

Mat Morgan - Is bringing the NHL to Seattle using only sisal twine and Elmer's paste

And now that you know the names of the voters, it's time to unveil the names of the 286 wrestlers who received votes but didn't quite make the top 100. They are listed in descending order of points received, so the first wrestler listed is 101 on the list. Check 'em out:

Darby Allin
Joey Janela
Bianca Belair
Marty Scurll
Hideo Itami
Kazuchika Okada
Mark Andrews
Eric Young
Matt Tremont
Lars Sullivan
Trent Seven
Tomohiro Ishii
"Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti
Bray Wyatt
Jack Gallagher
Kota Ibushi
Taya Valkyrie
Jeff Hardy
Arik Royal
Jazzy Gabert/Alpha Female
Anthony Henry
Jordynne Grace
Matt Hardy
Mercedes Martinez
Hiromu Takahashi
Myron Reed
Mike Quackenbush
"Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams
Bobby Fish
Rob Killjoy
Viper/Piper Niven
Lance Lude
Meiko Satomura
Dolph Ziggler
Chris Dickinson
Cody Rhodes
Mil Muertes
Rory Gulak
Baron Corbin
Cain Justice
Jason Kincaid
Martin Stone/Danny Burch
Gary Jay
Curt Stallion
Chip Day
Jay Lethal
Missile Assault Man
Tye Dillinger
Tyler Breeze
Juice Robinson
Rich Swann
Tessa Blanchard
Marty "The Moth" Martinez
Dominic Garrini
Flip Gordon
Silas Young
Matt Cross/Son of Havoc
UltraMantis Black
Willie Mack
Ethan Page
Dakota Kai
Nicole Matthews
White Mike Jordan
Gladiator Jeremiah
John Skyler
Race Jaxon/Logan Easton Leroux
Dezmond Xavier
Christopher Daniels
Joey Lynch
PJ Black
Sonny Defarge
Dragon Lee
Low Ki
Mark Haskins
Oleg the Usurper
Ace Romero
Brian Kendrick
Raymond Rowe
Hermit Crab
Jeff Connolly
Bill Goldberg
Timmy Lou Retton
Axton Ray
Billie Kay
John Silver
Chase Owens
Austin Aries
Eddie Kingston
Toby Farley
Punishment Martinez
Kyle Matthews
Volador, Jr.
Jay White
Minoru Suzuki
Elliott Russell
Gunner Miller
Rey Horus/El Dragon Azteca, Jr.
AJ Gray
Filthy Tom Lawlor
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Jordan Kage
Devin Driscoll
Lenny Stratton
Jeremy Wyatt
Nicole Pain
Silver Ant
Travis Huckabee
Enzo Amore
Shawn Shultz
Chris Richards
Everett Connors
Solo Darling
Austin West
Brad Attitude
Rex Andrews
Tyler Foshie
Austin Tyler Morris
Ali Shabazz
Joey Ryan
Aden Cross
The Big Show
Thor Theriot
Christian Cross
Hirooki Goto
Caleb Courageous
MJF/Maxwell J. Friedman
Sammy Guevara
Chance River
Jake Parnell
Alex Daniels
Mat Fitchett
Mia Yim
Snooty Foxx
Travis Lee
James Drake
Wild Bill
Ethan Alexander Sharpe
Tracer X
Cornelius Crummels
Wayne Adkins
Chet Sterling
Davey Richards
Tony Givens
El Hijo del Ice Cream
Mark Briscoe
Rocky Romero
Jay Briscoe
Mojo Rawley
Austin Theory
Corey Hollis
Nicole Savoy
Veda Scott
Roy Wilkins
Billy Buck
Davey Vega
Jimmy Havoc
Ashley Vox
Cassandra Miyagi
Danny Adams
Kay Lee Ray
Dave Crist
Shotzi Blackheart
Otis Dozovic
CW Anderson
Rey Mysterio
Michael Elgin
Daniel Makabe
Smith Garrett
Ice Cream, Jr.
Jason Cade
Cat Power
Kerry Awful
Nick Iggy
Gran Metalik
Jake Crist
Penelope Ford
Mike Santiago
Allie/Cherry Bomb
Flash Morgan Webster
Jeremy Leary
Amazing Red
Apollo Crews
Paul London
Ric Converse
Alex Shelley
Cajun Crawdad
Courtney Rush/Rosemary
Chris Sabin
Deonna Purrazzo
Ave Rex
Nick Richards
DASH Chisako
Sloan Caprice/Mike Verna
Dirty Daddy
Proletariat Boar of Moldova
Jack Evans
James Mason
No Way Jose
Karl Cunningham
Allysin Kay/Sienna
Christina von Eerie
Rachel Ellering
Aiden English
Adam "Hangman" Page
Santana Garrett
Kenny King
Erick Rowan
Kongo Kong
Max Smashmaster
Mickie James
Sarah Logan
Jay Freddie
Randy Orton
Stevie Fierce
Rick Roland/Rex Lawless
Josh Barnett
Gran Akuma
Heath Slater
Jon Davis
Sonya Deville
Colin Cassady/Big Cass
TK Cooper
Ethan Carter III
Pierre Carl Ouellette
Stokely Hathaway/Chuck Taylor™
Donald Kluger
Kyle the Beast
Travis Banks
Jasper Tippins
Dan Severn
Ethan HD
Jinder Mahal
Cabana Man Dan
Rickey Shane Page
Aric Andrews
Bad Luck Fale
Delmi Exo
Fabian Aichner
Space Monkey
Kurt Angle
Lacey Evans
Laurel van Ness/Chelsea Green
Sonjay Dutt
Frankie Kazarian
Shane McMahon
Dr. Dan
Marty Jannetty
Montez Ford
Yohei Komatsu
Beer City Bruiser
Kool J
Shelton Benjamin
Sho Tanaka
The Invisible Man

Tomorrow, the TWB 100 will kick off in earnest with the first 25 entrants.