Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Your Midweek Links: Happy New Year!

Drink it in, the WrestleKingdom debut of Jericho, man
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Hey, it's the first hump day of the year. You're probably still getting your sea legs under you back at work after a prolonged holiday break. You need something to get you through to the first of about 50 or so weekends of the year. Thankfully, I have the antidote for you. Links! Links as far as the eye can see! Check out all the best writing in wrestling and ease into your weekend the right way.

Hey, I know TWB took a couple of weeks off, but catch up with the YEAR END BLOWOUT here! [The Wrestling Blog]

WrestleKingdom is tomorrow! Ian Williams writes about how the Battle of Winnipeg is taking the event global for New Japan Pro Wrestling. [VICE Sports]

And hey, if you wanna know about the American done well for himself in New Japan, Juice Robinson, Guilherme Jaeger has your hookup right here. [Medium]

David Bixenspan reviews all the biggest stories from wrestling in the last year, capped off by Vince McMahon selling off WWE stock to do something absolutely insane. [Deadspin]

What were the best feuds in 2017? Troy Taroff has your answer right here. [The Wrestling Estate]

Chris Trew wants to see more WWE wrestlers head to the ring in special vehicles, and I for one don't blame him. [Medium]

John Dvorak sat down with one of WWN Live's jacks of all trades, Trevin Adams, for an informative interview. [The Spectacle of Excess]

WWE has spent a lot of ink telling the Bullet Club to cease and desist, and now after WWE co-opted the Club's hashtag on its official Twitter account, the Young Bucks have reason to do the same, reports Sean Reuter. [Cageside Seats]

NON-WRESTLING #1: Kyle Kensing looks at Central Florida's Peach Bowl win over Auburn and laments that it may never get a fair shake at the national playoff, even if it goes unbeaten next year. [The Open Man]

NON-WRESTLING #2: The Last Jedi is getting mostly rave reviews from people who matter, continuing the robust critical and financial legacy of the new Star Wars films. It'll never happen, but what if, as Elle Collins fantasy-cast here, they redid Episode IV? [SyFy Wire]