Friday, February 16, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

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Pete Dunne: comes out to a massive ovation You know how this ends.  And you're really going to try it?
Roderick Strong: also comes out to a strong pop Try it?  This is the time I succeed at it.
Both: grapple the other to a stalemate, go for their finisher and fail at it

Pete: gets the advantage with joint manipulation, and is his wont, stomps the hand into the steps
Roddy: Well, that sucked!  I'm not eating that twice.  counters another try at it and capture backbreakers Pete into the top part of the steps Good.  Pumphandle backbreaker! Pendulum backbreaker!  Set up in the corner!
Pete: No thanks, mate.  hits the injured hand to fend him off then tosses him outside to land a diving stomp to the bad arm And now, for my preordained
Roddy: enzuiguiris him on the apron twice, then gutbusters him into the apron
Mauro: That's the hardest part of the ring!
Everybody: drinks
Pete: to kick off segment the third, CRACKS Roddy's skull with an enzuigiri
Roddy: Pfft.  I don't need brain cells.  Rolling elbow!
Pete: Yo soy Pete Dunne, y yo tengo cero miedo!  snaps Roddy's arm, follows up with a sitout powerbomb
Referee: Kickout!
Pete: Shot off the top?
Roddy: More like dropkick in the face!  Capture backbreaker!
Pete: Oh, we're going to fight?  We're going to fight, let's do this: half and half suplex!  Basement enzuigiri! 
Referee: Kickout!  
Roddy: Avalanche Angle Slam!
Everybody: oh shit
Pete: oh shit
Referee: ...kickout!
Roddy: Oh, shit, not aga... leaping knee!  Corner knee!  Cloud IX!
Referee: Kickout!
Roddy: shit shit shit shit
Pete: X-Plex!
Referee: Kickout!
Roddy: Tiger Bomb! StrongHold!  Finally!  Oh, just tap out FFS MY HAND FUCKING SHIT YOU FUCKER
Pete: Did I just break some of his fingers?  Perhaps.  Do I care?  Nah.  kick in the face, Bitter End Count.
Referee: does Winner!

Velveteen Dream: Simply put for you mortals?  Jose has no chance to beat me next week.  And if Tyler Bate is looking for people to grapple with, I will provide him with an Experience like none other, since that's why I'm here, after all.  Dream over.

Aleister Black: This path has always led one way, to the devil on my back driving me: the NXT Championship.  I want to possess...
Killian Dain: The devil isn't on your back, I am.  And I won't stop until the NXT Championship is in my hands.  If you have a problem with that, then your path will be stopped by chaos.
Black: You crossed me.  Now you must fade to black.
KD: nods, smiles, leaves

TM61: show up
Victims: don't even get a chyron and are thus clearly doomed
TM61: splut splat gorsh Thunder Valley
Referee: Winners!
TM61: Oi oi oi!

Shayna Baszler: comes a la Goldberg to jeers
Ember Moon: comes out with kinesio tape on her left arm, noted by the announce
Both: smack talk each other during the intros
Ember: lands a single leg dropkick at the bell, whomps Baszler a few times, then topes Shayna into the announce table and messes up her arm even worse by landing into it herself
Shayna: goes after the arm, quelle surprise, and in short order tries to hyperextend it through the barrier on the outside
Kairi Sane: Somebody didn't pay attention to the picture and caption, did you?! lays out Shayna, then checks on Ember
Shayna: tries it
Kairi: Try this SPEAR!
Shayna: tries it, eats it, doesn't like it and ends up retreating back up to the stage
Kairi: flashes The Elbow and points at Shayna, then checks on Ember and this time helps her up