Friday, June 15, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

Even the go-home shows are better in Florida
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Full Sailors: throwing up devil horns War!  War!  War!  War!

War Raiders: splut splat gorsh Fallout
Referee: Winners!
Raiders: They call themselves the Mighty?  We'll show them mighty.

Full Sailors: chant NX3 and put up similar signs as Not Ethan comes out
EC3: shoves Ohno before the bell
Ohno: shoves him back, then controls him on the mat once the match starts
EC3: bails
Ohno: CHOP!  CHOP!  CHOP!  CHOP!  Senton!
EC3: Knees up!
Ohno: merde
EC3: Perfect Necksnap!  Nerve pinch!
Ohno: Pump knee!  Forearm!  FOREARM!  Cyclone Kick!  Senton!  Senton!
EC3: staggers out to the floor again
EC3: staggers in
Ohno: follows
EC3: quickly gags Ohno against the top rope 3KO!
Referee: Winner!
EC3: Heh.  Like there was ever a doubt!  sells back
Ohno: is clearly despairing  

Bianca BelAir: comes out to a pretty big pop
Aliyah: is now cosplaying as Beirut from GLOW, preens while Bianca wraps up her braid around her head
B2: That's cute.  FOREARM.
Full Sailors: EST!  EST!
B2: Handspring corner shoulder shot!  Frog splash off the ropes!  Deadlift Snake Eyes!
Full Sailors: applaud heartily
B2: Facebuster out of the Torture Rack!
Referee: Winner!

Dakota Kai: I stood up to Shayna. I almost won the belt!  Another chance and I can win it (I might need some of Nikki's crazy) but I'll win the belt.
Bianca: Excuse you?  Did you see what I just did?  I'm the EST around here, not this basic.  She ain't gonna do nothin' but cry and fail like she did last week.  It's my time to shine.
Dakota: Difference between you and Shayna is I'm not scared of you.  You want to shut me up, give it your best shot next week.
Bianca: I like that... but you won't.

Full Sailors: very much here for the defense of the United Kingdom Championship
Mauro: Somebody backstage made me say "big fight feel"!  Drink!
Kyle: barely controls things on the mat
Pete: joint manipulation sets up targeting the arm Also, I'm going to hit one of the most vicious standing clotheslines you've ever seen in your life.  does
Kyle: hhrdgh
Pete: PK to the arm!  X-Plex into the apron!
Full Sailors: Bruiserweight! Bruiserweight!

Pete: Stomps to the knees!
Kyle: Kick to the wrapped leg!  Strike party!  Smaller strike party to the leg!  Achilles hold!
Pete: goes after one of Kyle's ankles
Kyle: NOPE breaks the hold
Pete: Step up Owenzuigiri!  Flurry!  Enzui buzzsaw kick!  Sitout powerbomb!
Kyle: Counter triangle!
Pete: cartwheels out Kick the bad arm!  Bodyscissored kimura!
Kyle: Counter arm triangle!  PK!  BRAINBUSTAAAAAAH~!
Pete: Kickout!
Kyle: Jumping knee!  Bodyscissored guillotine!
Pete: goes after the arm again Suplex into the cross armbreaker!
Kyle: Counter anklelock!
Pete: straightjackets Kyle's arms together after focusing on the bad one, then headbutts him and sends both men down
Full Sailors: are amped
Both: stagger back to back into each other mid ring and start throwing shots
Pete: Step Up II Owenzuigiri the Streets!
Kyle: Dodge!  Here comes the Ax, here comes the
Pete: Dodge!  Step Up II Owenzuigiri the Streets!
Kyle: Leg lariat!
Lacey Evans: Hey!
Full Sailors: NXT!  NXT!
Kyle: beats down Pete with forearms
Pete: still holds onto Kyle's wrist
Kyle: looks disgusted, then goes back to beating Pete down with forearms
Pete: still hangs on
Kyle: You won't be needing this anymore.  takes out the mouthpiece
Pete: You won't be needing those anymore.  quickly snaps a couple of Kyle's fingers
Pete: Flash Bitter End!
Referee: Winner!

the Era: Swarm!
Full Sailors: BOOO!
Oney and Twoey: here for porkin' making the save
Dunne: lays out Adam Cole
the Challengers: clear the champs from the ring 

Aleister Black: Lars thinks he has my number since he blocked the Mass, and while it shook me at the time, he will feel it Saturday, and he will fade to blackk.
Lars Sullivan: comes out on the ramp and stares Black down
Black: glares back, removes his vest
Lars: comes to the ring and gets in Black's face
Black: Flurry of strikes!
Black: gurrg
Lars: Not An Accident!
Full Sailors: Boo!
Lars: Again!
Full Sailors: BOO!
Lars: I shall do it a third time!  puts Black over his shoulder and picks up the belt in his other hand, throws Black on the announce table and stands over him holding up the Big X This is your reality in Chicago!  laughs, holds up the belt again