Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hey Guys, Kaitlyn's Back

She's back, albeit not in pog form
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WWE turned heads when it announced that a second Mae Young Classic would take place this year, and it further piqued interest when Shayna Baszler, last year's runner-up and current NXT Women's World Champion, announced that because she had no worlds left to conquer in current NXT that the winner would get a crack at her. Well, the eyebrow-raising hasn't yet ceased, as today, Kaitlyn, also known as Celeste Bonin, was announced as the first entrant into the field. She left WWE in 2014 and seemingly put the business behind her, shifting into an entrepreneurial career with her Celestial Bodiez workout clothing line. However, after some life turbulence, she returned to the ring on the indie circuit earlier this year. Many observers speculated that she'd throw her hat into the ring for the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match, but either way, a return to WWE seemed almost eventual with her comeback into wrestling.

Kaitlyn broke into the biz from the world of body fitness modeling in 2010, when she reported to Florida Championship Wrestling. She then made her proper WWE television debut as the replacement for Isis the Amazon in the third season of NXT in 2010. She won that season and the segued to the main roster, forging a friendship both on and off camera with one AJ Lee. Their team was named The Chickbusters, and it served as a pivot into feuding when Lee aligned with Dolph Ziggler and Big E. She pretty much was part of the churn on the pre-Women's Revolution women's division, and she departed from the company before Paige and then the Horsewomen from NXT were able to start it in earnest.

Since her departure from WWE, she's remained in contact with her buds from the company, stopping in backstage from time to time and continuing with social media hijinx with Big E. She also dedicated herself to posting just the most thirst-inducing pictures on her social media accounts, but I'll stop there for fear of really getting into objectifying the woman. She, however, announced that she was training for a return to wrestling late in 2017 after admitting that she had some stuff go bad in her personal life, and that she missed the business. She wrestled mostly for a promotion called Coastal Championship Wrestling based in Florida, where she most notably wrestled against second-generation wrestler and participant in last year's Mae Young Classic, Rachel Ellering.

Kaitlyn makes a return not dissimilar to Serena Deeb last year. While her hiatus from wrestling wasn't forced by injury, she still comes in with considerable rust. However, regardless of how good her matches are in the upcoming tournament, it's great to see her back in a high profile.