Monday, September 17, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

Melanin Monroe's first main event
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Cameraman: Tommaso! Tommaso? What brings you back to Full Sail? Any comment on the Black attack?
#14: marches in commentless

the Brit-Am Brawlers: are back on NXTV
Full Sailors: 1 2 whoop whoop 1 2 whoop whoop
Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi: are here and Brazilian
Danny Burch: Eurocuts! Step up Owenzugiri! Second rope missile dropkick! Come on, Lorcan, get some of this.
Both: execute a tandem suplay
Team Brazil: What if we
B A B: hahahahahahahahah no.
Oney Lorcan, Here For Some Reason Or Other: Open handed chops to the face! Eurocuts! Double blockbuster! Tag!
B A B: Spike DDT!
Referee: Winners!

New Song: plays
New Tron: proclaims This Is My Moment
#14: holds up the Big X mid ring, chuckles then has a brief discussion with the belt
#14: That music is a personal message from the Champ to each and every one of you. It's my way of saying - in the most polite way I know how - SHUT UP.

#14: For the last month I've heard the whispers and seen you pointing your fingers at me. (whiny voice) It was Ciampa! (/) Based on what, your imaginations? I live in the real world, and I base my opinion on facts; I get in people's faces and attack on the biggest stage so that you mere coupon cutters can worship your master at work! I won't lie to you, because a champion never does so: while I intended to jump Black, someone beat me to the punch. I'd pat him or her on the back and say "Job well done!" if I knew who did it. And don't get it twisted: even if Black had come to Brooklyn, he would've lost the same way Johnny lost. I WIN.
#14: talking to the belt again The belt has something it would like to tell you.
"The Belt": Thanks, Champ, it felt real good to be back in the main event at a Takeover!
#14: I am the champion of champions. I walk the walk and talk the talk, and what I say I do, so that makes me the greatest success story in the history of NXT... YOUR NXT Champion. I want everyone to hear me on this: if you want to be a success, a winner, a champion... then follow my lead. proudly marches out, yanking the Ciampa Sucks sign out of the hands of the young front row Johnny Wrestling fan who featured prominently last week

Violet Payne: is new here and not long for this world, because
Shayna Baszler: is DISPLEASED Ground and pound! Knee strike! Kai armbreaker stomp! Kurifuda Clutch!
Payne: is dead
Referee: Winner!
Baszler: keeps it on after the bell, lands some mocking kicks and leaves, then comes back to put the Clutch back on, rereleases it, puts it on a third time, then tosses her to the floor and leaves for real this time

Heavy Machinery: We're on the case!
Dozer: Even if everybody and their spotter knows Ciampa did it.
#14, Who Was Conveniently Walking In the Background: Boy, you better put some respect on my name.
Dozer: Tucky, don't worry, I got this one. Hey, Tomato Champs, we aren't playing games; you feeling froggy, then jump.
Master Regal: If you'd like to fight, you can do it another time. Ciampa. My office.

Roddy Strong: You know, gents...
the Undisputed Era: Hm?
Roddy: I don't like what the War Raiders have been saying. They're treating this like it's a game? Well, I've got news for them: I beat my son at hide and seek every time.
Kyle O'Reilly: I'm too famous to buy my own groceries! And those helmets are so 7th century.
Roddy: More like Sneak Attack Raiders.
Some Guy: I consider Ricochet/Dunne champ v. champ next week the Adam Cole Invitational. Whoever wins that will lose to me. They aren't on our freakin' level, and that's Undisputed.
All But Fish: throw up their gang sign
Fish: proferrs his tiny Dusty Cup

Lars Sullivan: laughs
Raul Mendoza: is pissed Dodge, dive, duck, dip and dodge, dodge, dive, duck, dip and
Lars: THAT ENDS NOW. Biel! BIEL! BIEL! Avalanche! Crossface!
Raul: DODGE!
Lars: ow the post
Raul: Apron gamengiri! Springboard missile dropkick!
Lars: Pop up powerslam!
Raul: ow my life
Lars: More crossfaces! Freak Intentional!
Referee: Winner!

Pete Dunne, Earlier Today: It was Ricochet's fault two weeks ago, but my mindset's fine for next week. He's been champion five minutes and I'm the longest reigning champion in all of WWE. Now I just have to figure out how to fit two belts in my mouth.
Cathy Kelley, Sup: Ricochet, you heard what Pete Dunne had to say ahead of your champion v. champion match next week; your thoughts?
Ricochet: Five minutes? That's funny, since that "five minutes" is on the heels of fifteen years of high pressure situations and defending belts. He's another mountain to climb or hurdle to leap over, and once I do that next week I'll be the One and Only dual champion.

Aliyah and Lacey Evans: get in an argument at the PC with Dakota and Deonna, setting up a tag for next week

Kairi: bids adieu to Master Regal
Ohno: comes in wearing a Cesaro/Kidd shirt
Master Regal: You know, actually, I don't need to talk to you.
Ohno: What am I, invisible here?
Master Regal: ...actually, Kairi gave you an alibi.
Ohno: Good guy Kassius. Why would I be perturbed? Because I keep getting pushed to the back of the line with every Hot New Signing leapfrogging me and I have to buy tickets for Takeovers? Let me know when the next one gets here so I can take care of him.

Bianca BelAir: comes out to a good pop, a little more smiley than usual
Nikki Cross: comes out to a better pop but smiles just as much
Full Sailors: fire up dueling chants, as is their wont
Nikki: feints a few times
Bianca: shoves her down
Nikki: dodges a few times, waves, then scares Bianca into falling down
Nelson Muntz: HA ha!
Bianca: Backbreaker! Bear hug!
Nikki: Eluded! And now I fly!
Bianca: And now I catch and deadlift you!
Full Sailors: ooh and clap
Bianca: Splat! Frog splash off the ropes!
Nikki: Nope! Flying Mebody! Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold! Off the to--
Bianca: Nah, I'm good. rolls to the apron
Nikki: But I'm better! Trip! Beatdown in the apron!
Bianca: Shove into the steps! Hair whip in the ribs!
Nikki: You can't get back in! Sleeper!
Bianca: falls backwards into the ramp
Referee: ...
Kayla Braxton, Sup: This match has been ruled a no contest!
Both: continue fighting
Refs: break it up
Full Sailors: Let them fight! Let them fight!
Bianca: throws Nikki over the announce table
Nikki: jumps off it with a flying Herbody wiping out Bianca and the zebras, smiles and laughs