Thursday, October 25, 2018

(last week's) NXT In 60 Seconds

Belly up to the window and place your bets, folks
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War Raiders: come out to a decent pop
the Undisputed Era: come out to a bigger one
Roderick Strong: mocks the WR hand taunt
Kyle O'Reilly: gets his air guitar on
War Raiders: use their power to dominate early
Full Sailors: War!  War!  War!  War!
the Era: regroup and try it again
Roddy: ends up getting thrown/slammed into Kyle
Full Sailors: chant War! louder
Roddy: chop blocks Rowe from the outside
Kyle: focuses on the leg he was trying to work on earlier, only to success this time 
the Era: utilize quick tags and leg work to wear Rowe down
Rowe: Desperation STO!
Tags: made
Hanson: puts those meesters on their keisters You okay?
Rowe: (shaking off the leg) Good enough.
Hanson: tags
Rowe: Busiaku knee!
War Raiders: Assisted oshigoroshi!
Rowe: Sitout powerbomb!
Kyle: Buzzsaw kick save!

War Raiders: Springboard lariat + German suplex combo!
Some Guy: shows up, bay bay
Hanson: lays out Adam Cole and tosses him
Roddy: hHhigh knee!
Kyle: Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smasher!
Roddy: Angle Slam!
Rowe: Kickout!   Headbutt!
Kyle: I'll make this work.  Rolling kneebar!
Roddy: High knee cutoff!
Hanson: CAUGHT.
Roddy: eep
Hanson: powerbombs Roddy onto Kyle
Kyle: Open handed palm strike flurry!
War Raiders: Assisted pop up powerslam!  Tope to lay out Cole and Roddy!  FALLOUT!  We got this!
Full Sailors: ONE!
Full Sailors: TWO!
A Chair: slams into Rowe
Referee: Disqualification!  Ring the bell!
Robert Fish, Esquire: looking spry Chair shot you!  Chair shot you!  Chair shot for you again!
Rowe: staggers towards Hanson's decimation
the Champs: HI/LO!
Rowe: is done
Hanson: is too
ADAM COLE, BAY BAY: We rule the world!  smiles and laughs
Announce: Help us all, for the first time in a long time, the Era is at full strength.

Nikki Cross: mumbling E S T then I Know I Know I Know to herself in the back

Britt Baker, DMD: comes out, BAY BAY
Shayna Baszler: Mmm.  Fresh meat.  Arm work!  Joint manipulation!  Are you Dakota Kai?  stomps on her arm
Referee: ...jeSUS.  Yeah, this is over.
BBDMD: wails and clutches her arm
Baszler: Too much noise.  Step up knee strike!  laughs then storms off to the back 

Master Regal: I don't know if Nikki is lying or telling the truth!  Who knows what she knows?  I do know Aleister will be back soon and I'm going to talk to her after her match tonight.

Tian Bing and Rocky: are about to be fodder for
the 1-2 Strike Force: come out
Full Sailors: One-two!  One-two! One-two! One-two!
Oney: gets beat on but not beat up Short lariat!  Tag!
Danny: Step up Owenzuigiri!  Stiff legged second rope dropkick!  Kip up!  Headbutt!
Tian: is done
Danny: Tag!
the One-Two Strike Force: Two man spike DDT!
Referee: Winners! 

Nikki Cross: rocks in the corner then flies at Bianca BelAir and takes her down
Both: end up rolling out of the ring
Bianca: lands some forearm shots to the back and gets it back in the ring Hallaway slam!  Neck vice!
Full Sailors: engage in dueling chants

Bianca: Handstand to a standing moonsault!
Nikki: (slaps herself across the face a few times) Forearms!  Stomp the Tree of Woe!  Avalanche!  Bulldog! Flying Mebody!
Bianca: Kickout! FOREARM!
Nikki: goes down, eventually staggers up
Bianca: SPEAR!  Deadlift sitout powerbomb!
Nikki: ...kickout.
Bianca: (clearly mouths WTF) Stay down.  Stay down!   Military press!
Nikki: slips out the back Sleeper!  Christian DDT!
Bianca: Kickout.
Nikki: Flying Mebody!
Bianca: Hair whip into the ribs!  I'm all the way up!
Nikki: So am I!  Multiplex!
Both: down
the Lights: go out
A Lone, Familiar Guitar Note: echoes throughout Full Sail
the Lights: come on
Bianca BelAir: has been wished out to the cornfield
Nikki Cross: is still recovering on the mat
Aleister Black: appears to be done recovering, and sits in his familiar wont on the mat
Full Sailors: gasp in shock, then cheer loudly Holy shit!  Holy shit!  Holy shit!
Nikki: laughs and rolls around on the mat
Full Sailors: Nikki's got a secret!  Nikki's got a secret!  Nikki's got a secret!
Aleister Black: shows off his E.F. Hutton impersonation by holding up his hand
Full Sailors: shut up
Nikki: stops her mannerisms and her eyes go almost dim
Aleister: summons her over with the beckoning of his finger, launching a million fanfics in the process
Full Sailors: shush each other 
Nikki: crawls towards Aleister
Aleister: (off mic but visible thanks to the cameraman, growling lowly) TELL ME.
Nikki: does 
Aleister: puts his head down and shakes with anger
Nikki: smiles and crawls backwards out of the ring
Full Sailors: (a la the NEW DAY!) Who?  who?  WHO?  wHO?  who?  WHO!?  WHO!?
Aleister: slowly gets to his feet shaking with rage