Monday, October 15, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

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#14: comes out talking to the belt, kissing his nameplate a couple of times
#14: The Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time now has the greatest entrance music of all time!  laughs And the best part, the icing on the cake?  It has silenced the sheep!
#14: But in every flock there is always one who tries to break away from the pack, one who craves who needs to be different: Velveteen Dream.

Full Sailors: YAY!  Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!
#14: Dream, you have the Champ's attention.  But man, you've gone about it the wrong way when you start pointing fingers, making accusations, getting into things that are none of your business--
Velveteen Dream: See, all of this right here is extremely amusing to the Dream.  Greatest Sports Entertainer of All Time?  Really?  scoffs  And the Dream doesn't appreciate your little threats, either.  The Champ believes he's a bad, bad man, doesn't he?  Well, that title deserves a true experience, not a guilt trip from an angry little bald man hiding behind his insecurities!
Full Sailors: Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!  Vel vet een!
#14: I may be an angry little bald man, but I'm an angry little bald man who has a shiny, shiny, OH SO SHINY title belt.  But I get it: the Dream wants what the Champ has: the main event, the spotlight, my title.
Velveteen: nods and acceds
#14: You don't even believe yourself when you accuse the Champ of laying out Black, you just want attention.  Everybody is listening, so why don't you just be a man and admit it?  listens to the belt Or, maybe the title is right.  Maybe...maybe you're not Tough Enough.
Velveteen: laughs
Some Full Sailors: bow to their evil king
Velveteen: (getting into the ring) The Dream is tough enough, man enough, and more man than you can handle.  And if you really want to find out, give the Dream a moment with you and the belt.
Nikki Cross: shows up
Velveteen: is confused
#14: is also confused
The Announce: guess
Full Sailors: Triple threat!  Triple threat!  Triple threat!
Nikki: runs against #14 and smiles
Nikki: goes over and plays with the fringe on the Dream's jacket then angles back towards #14
Full Sailors: (in Joe's Gonna Kill You cadence) Nikki knows a secret!  Nikki knows a secret!  Nikki knows a secret! (/)
Nikki: bounces to the chant, then backs Dream into the corner and boops him
Dream: is clearly displeased
Nikki: goes over to #14 goes over to the belt and listens to it
Tomasso: lifts up the mic to his lips
Nikki: bats it out of his hand and laughs
Full Sailors: Nikki Cross!  Nikki Cross!  Nikki Cross!
Nikki: goes down to the mic I know what you did, too.  I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW scares Velveteen out of the ring more or less
#14: goes for the mic
Nikki: kicks it away and laughs I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW
#14: holds the Big X and shakes his head

Full Sailors: Keith Lee!  woop woop  Keith Lee! woop woop  Keith Lee! woop woop
Kona Reeves: These people don't know or care who you are--I'm NXT's Finest!
Keith: laughs
Kona: lands a jab
Keith: lands the Grizzly Magum overhand double chop, then a dropkick, then practically overhead belly to bellies Kona over the top
Full Sailors: Keith Lee!  woop woop  Keith Lee! woop woop  Keith Lee! woop woop
Kona: I can throw the apron at you and punch you!  Trust fall elbow!  I'm gonna
Referee: Winner!

[more Real Sports Build with Shayna]

Kairi "Earlier Today" with "The Press": I am sooooo excited for Evolution.  It's a great opportunity for me, ahoy!  I'm not worried about all of Shayna's Real Sports Build training--she can train all she wants, but -- I...will beat her...again. 

Master Regal: I don't have an update on the investigation at this moment.  I need answers, and Nikki keeps saying she knows...
Kassius Ohno: shows up
Master Regal: Well, you've been cleared in the investigation, so I don't--
KO1.0: You don't think I'm a threat, I know that; I told you when the shiny new toy gets here, let me know.  Where is he?  Are you absolutely blind?  You don't know what I'm about, who took out Black.  Maybe I'm not the competitor you think I am.  Maybe this is a ruse and I did it.
Master Regal: goes into his office
Nikki Cross: shows up I KNOW WHAT YOUUUUUUUUUU DIIIIIIIIIIIIIID laughs, leaves
KO1.0.: is clearly unsettled 

Some Guy: comes out
He and the Full Sailors: ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!
Pete Dunne: comes out with his WWEUK title
Full Sailors: Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!
Ricochet: comes out with his WWENA title
Faces: look like they're about to fight then go to work on Cole
Ricochet: Headscissors!  Nip up!  Headscissors!  Superhero landing!
Cole: tosses him
Pete: lariats Cole down, then helps Ricochet with a double team on Cole
Ricochet: Noice.  goes for the handshake
Pete: goes for the FOREARM and shrugs
Ricochet: I don't know what I was thinking.
Full Sailors: Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!  Bruiserweight!
Pete: sets to joint manipulation
Ricochet: counters into a cloverleaf
Cole: drops Ricochet and stomps on them both ADAM COLE, BAY BAY! sends Ricochet to the floor on a springboard attempt
Pete: lands huge kicks to the thigh
Cole: Bike kick!
Pete: Kickout!  Punches!  Slap!  Step up Owenzuigiri!
Ricochet: Springboard rana!  Triangle moonsault!  Springboard European uppercut!
Pete: Corner Owenzuigiri!  Buzzsaw kick!  Double single leg crab!
Ricochet: Counter!  Octopus!
Cole: Backstabber!

Everybody: lands something
Ricochet: lands last And now for the coup de grace quebrada
Cole and Dunne, Somehow: Double superkick!
Mauro: Echoes of TOBK:IV right there!
Full Sailors: Mamma mia!  clap clap clapclapclap Mamma mia!  clap clap clapclapclap Mamma mia!  clap clap clapclapclap
Cole and Dunne: end up in a hockey fight on their knees
Cole: rolls out to the apron then DDTs Dunne into it 
Dunne: Moonsault!  X-Plex Bomb!
Cole: Save!
Tower of Doom: forms
Mauro: To quote the audience, Mamma Mia! 
Ricochet: Rewind rana!  Leaping Flatliner!
Dunne: Kickout!
Ricochet: lines Pete up for the 630
Cole: annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd YA CROTCHED 
Dunne: Bitter End!
Ricochet: Saving Shooting Star Press!
Dunne: annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd YA TRIANGLED
Ricochet: grrrgh tries the one armed bombed escape
Dunne: Kiss your weekend goodbye!  snaps on the injured fingers Mounted triangle!
Cole: Last Shot!
Dunne: starts moving
Cole: New Last Shot!
Dunne: Kickout!  Lariat!  Bitter End!
Referee: Winner!
Ricochet: recovers and poses on the buckle, holding up the NA title in his right hand and selling his injured left