Monday, October 8, 2018

NXT In 60 Seconds

Nothing accidental about this main event W
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Nikki Cross: Games are fun!  Especially games you can play with other people. BIIIIIIAAAANCAAAA!  We had fun last time didn't we?  And now, we get to play again!  I hope you're not too afraid because we didn't behave last time.   giggles We weren't on our best behaviour!  Speaking of bad behaviour I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOWWWWW laughs, seethes

Candice LeRae: comes out to new music, a new Tron and a pop
Lacey Evans: has one of those, boops Candice and shoves her
Candice: shoves her back and introduces her to some turnbuckles
Lacey: trucks her and hits her one off Bronco Buster before putting on a headscissors and doing pushups during it
Candice: Out from under!
Lacey: Oh, honey.  Nope!  Slingshot elbow!
Candice: Nope!  Step up Owenzuigiri!  Basement single leg dropkick!  Charging back elbow in the corner!  Second rope flying Flatliner!
Lacey: ...kickout?  Kickout!  I kicked out, of course I did.  YOU'RE A LOSER, JUST LIKE YOUR HUSBAND!
Candice: hears the Ironside theme and beats her like a rented goalie, then runs wildly at her opponent just like her husband did a few weeks ago
Lacey: PUNCH!  And now you're going to be a loser!
Referee: Winner!
Lacey: looks very rumpled
Candice: looks very not fully conscious

#14: When you're at the top they will always try to chop you down. They'll talk, speculate, and lie all to steal the spotlight for themselves.  Maybe it's to cover their own tracks and hide their own guilt.  Velveteen Dream's name is fitting since he seems to be living in a dream world where I attacked Aleister Black, but we both know what it is that he...experienced.  So my advice to Velveteen Dream is to be careful; keep your theories and accusations to yourself, and stay out of The Champ's spotlight.  I'm the man who ended the fairy tale and exposed the mystique and if Velveteen's not careful?  I'll be the one who turns the Dream into a nightmare.

NPCs: show up
Jacks and Threes Forgotten Sons: squash them in quick order ending with a Ryxker slingshot release powerbomb
Referee: Winners!

Tony Abs: Why am I here, Cathy?  It's simple: NXT has top competition, and weekly on 205 Live I prove I'm the Premier Athlete.  So it's a great day to Take Over NXT, and I have eight reasons why!

Cathy Kelley, Sup: Bianca...
Apparently Not: Uh uh!  It's MISS Belair, Cathy.
Cathy: What do you think about the rematch you'll have with Nikki Cross in two weeks.
MISS BelAir: Whatever game she's talking about, I don't play games.  Forget that scraggly haired weirdo, I'm un de fea ted.  So I'm going to have to embarrass her now, because I'm un de fea ted.  UN.  DE.  FEA.  TED.  (from offscreen) UN!  DE!  FEA!  TED!

Johnny: Rana!  Tope!
Tony: Wrong!  Cut off forearm!
Johnny: Roll through kick!  T O P E!  Johnny Freaking Wrestling!
Full Sailors: Huzzah!
Tony: Gutbuster!  Boddyscissors!  Double jump moonsault!
Johnny: Dodged!
Tony: But I landed on my feet!
Johnny: Or did you land on your head slingshot DDT!  Lefts!  Step up Owenzuigiri!  Superman spear!
Tony: Kickout!  Three hit combo!  One-armed buckle bomb!  FOSBURY FLOP!  450!
Johnny: Kickout!
Tony: Ah, hell.
Full Sailors: NXT!  NXT!  NXT!
Tony: Facewash!  German into the corner!  Running basement Meteora!
Johnny: Nah, son, superkick!
Tony: ow
Johnny: Lefty lariat!  GargaNo Escape!  You go tap now!
Tony: does
Referee: Winner!
Johnny: holds up a young front row fan's Johnny Freakin Wrestling sign

EC3: shows up without fanfare throwing hands and forearms
Lars: tries to goozle him a few times
EC3: shoves him into the steps back first a few times, cutting and discoloring his back
Full Sailors: NX3!  NX3!  NX3!
EC3: One Percent People's Elbow!
Lars: kicks out at one
EC3: eep 
Lars: Monster biel!  Avalanche!
EC3: Second rope dropkick!  Takedown!
Lars: Kickout!  LARIAT!
EC3: aggggghhhhhh German release suplex!  Avalanche!  " Steamboat press"! 
Lars: Kickout!  Short lariat!
EC3: Cactus clothesline!
Lars: Freak Intentional into the apron!
EC3: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Lars: Diving headbutt!
Referee: Winner!
Lars: cackles