Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A King of Trios Roundup

Oh my
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So, whilst I was on vacation, King of Trios added three more teams to its already loaded slate. When I last left, the Crucible had a second team in the fray. Since then, two fun teams and a demonically evil presence have descended upon the tournament, bringing the total number of teams up to the unluckiest number in existence, 13. With three teams left to be announced, this year's Trios field is looking as strong as ever. Allow me to dive into the announcements now.

The first team consists of three Queens. Chikara stalwart Solo Darling will join a returning-from-injury Willow Nightingale and wrestling's foremost Queen frontman impersonator Freddie Mercurio. Darling was bound to be included in the tournament this year, even if she didn't have a whole lot of native wrestlers to team with. As much as it would've owned to see Officer Magnum in the fray, I'm not sure he was a feasible choice as a tag partner. Nightingale, however, gives Darling much-needed backup. Before her injury, the two tagged together a few times. They even have two points towards contention to Los Campeonatos de Parejas. Mercurio, an English wrestler who has come over to the States and Canada, will be the wild card here.

The second team announced is a doozy, and is perhaps my rooting interest to win the whole thing even if they may have a ceiling of night two. The Ugly Ducklings, one of the wildest and most talented tag teams in the game right now, will team up with The Master of 1000 Holds himself, Mike Quackenbush, to form the least likely but most intriguing team in the whole darn tournament. Chikara fans know about Quack, obviously. The company's co-founder is one of the most important indie wrestlers of the last two decades, and his farewell tour will see him teaming with Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy, a team that is among the most exciting in the game and also has the most fluid teamwork I've seen in a minute.

The most recent team announced will represent the putrid helldemon Nazmaldun. Hallowicked and Frightmare are no strangers to King of Trios, winning in 2012 with UltraMantis Black. This year, they have Kobald in tow. The Demon of the Toilet was one of the few minions who stayed faithful to 'Wicked after he was toppled and the spell of Nazmaldun was released on most of their compatriots. Together, they are a formidable force. Although they are on the fringes of relevance in Chikara at the moment, a Trios win would be the thing that could bring their carnage back to the forefront. While I feel like it might come down to a Crucible team in the finals, you would be foolish to count out the first two-time Grand Champion and his minions.

In case you need a refresher, the other ten teams announced are as follows:
  • Team Pump (Scott Steiner, Jordynne Grace, Petey Williams)
  • The Ancient Order of Nations (Mick Moretti, Adam Hoffman, Jack Bonza)
  • The Carnies (Kerry Awful, Nick Iggy, Tripp Cassidy)
  • The Embassy (Prince Nana, Jimmy Rave, Sal Rinauro)
  • The VeloCities (Mat Diamond, Jude London, Paris DeSilva)
  • Team FIST (Icarus, Tony Deppen, Travis Huckabee)
  • The Crucible (Ophidian, The Whisper, Lance Steel)
  • The Creatures of the Deep (Oceanea, Merlok, Hermit Crab)
  • The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, Thief Ant)
  • The Crucible II (Matt Makowski, Devantes, EM DeMorest)
In addition, Boomer Hatfield and Alex Zayne will compete in the Rey de Voladores tournament. That being said, Boomer's dad and cousin, Dasher Hatfield and Molly McCoy respectively, are making overtures to have him come in the fold for their team. Of course, Boomer took daddy's mask in Chicago in a lucha de apuesta, and McCoy very loudly shouted at him that she'd never forgive him after, so I wouldn't be shocked if he turned down their request. Either way, the Grand Champion and the Broad Street Bully will probably find a third wrestler to join them. Sugar Dunkerton? EVIL Mr. Touchdown? Matt Classic? Time will tell.

You can catch both big tournaments and the tag gauntlet live and in person in Reading, PA at the Goodwill Beneficial Association. The dates are October 4-6, which is Friday through Sunday. Friday will house all eight first round matches. Saturday will be jam-packed. In the morning, you can join the Chikara family for King of Brunch, although I fear spots may be sold out by now. Check with the Chikara Twitter account first. Fan Conclave happens next, where a plethora of fun activities will happen with the other fans and the wrestlers themselves. The main event is in the evening with the four quarterfinal matches, the two four-way Rey de Voladores qualifiers, and some other fun matches taking place. Then Sunday, the semifinals and finals of Trios, the finals of Rey de Voladores, the tag matches, and other interstitial matches will take place. All in all, it's an outstanding weekend you won't want to miss.