Friday, August 2, 2019

NXT In 60 Seconds for July 31, 2019

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Tyler Breeze: comes out to a decent pop
Jaxson Ryker: is proof the atheists are right and throws Tyler around a few times Uranage! Bret backbreakers!
Breeze: Leaping knee! Dropkick!
Steve Cutler: Hey! You can't
Breeze: Short range victory roll!
Referee: Winner!
Forgotten Sons: dafuq Swarm Breeze
Faaaan daaaan go: runs in for the save, seriously
Fashion Po Po: double superkick, hug
Full Sailors: do the dance

Candice LeRae: paces in the parking lot

Bronson Reed: comes out to a muted, slightly positive reaction
Cameron Grimes: the inverse
Bronson: powers him down a couple times
Cameron: Hammer shots!
Bronson: Chops! Kodiak swipes!
Cameron: Basement dropkick! Lariat! Modified crossface chicken wing!
Bronson: Snap powerslam! Avalanche! Samoan drop!
Cameron: Middle rope into your eyes! Crocop kick! Mushroom double stomp!
Referee: Winner!

Matt Riddle: Earlier Today It's easy for Killian Dain to jump me when I can't see it coming. He ever wants to go face to face one on one, I'm ready to fight him. (Later in the program God's Production Team notes it'll happen next week)

Shayna Baszler: Mia Yim delivered a message and I got it. But this isn't the street - we are professional fighters. This is the biggest professional stage of your entire life and under the bright lights in front of thousands of people in Toronto I'm going to put you to sleep. Because street rate don't last very long in my world--
Mia Yim: You scared, Shayna? You sound scared. Where your friends at? I ain't see nuthin'! Except you, running around thinking this is a game: well, game recognizes game and you lookin' unfamiliar right now. I got nothing to lose, and I'm bringing a fight you ain't ready for, Champ.
Baszler: You aren't special. You're nothing but street trash. holds up the belt
Mia: (off mic) I ain't scared of you!
Baszler: laughs and leaves

Candice: is still pacing in the parking lot
Master Regal: tells her he kicked Io out of Full Sail for the week
Candice: asks to face Io at Takeover
Master Regal: obliges her

Roderick Strong: comes out selling the fingers his opponent snapped last week
Pete Dunne: gets the night's biggest pop
Full Sailors: Bruiserweight! Bruiserweight! Bruiserweight!
Both: grapple to early standoffs then trade chops
Pete: goes after the injured fingers and hand
Roddy: Torture rack backbreaker! Bret backbreaker!
Pete: Stiff legged missile dropkick! Step up corner Owenzuigiri! X-Plex! PK!
Roddy: Kickout!
Pete: Buzzsaw kick! Harder buzzsaw kick! Sitout bomb!
Roddy: Kickout! Capture backbreaker into the apron! Forearms! High corner knee! Cloud 9!
Pete: Kickout!
Roddy: Owenzuigiri!
Pete: Back at ya! Bitter En
Roddy: nope Angle Slam! And anot
Pete: DDT!
Both: down
Full Sailors: NXT! NXT! NXT!
Both: slowly get back in the fight then trade flurries of strikes
Roddy: Avalanche Angle Slam!
Pete: Sunset ah shit losing my grip lungblower sure let's go with that! Bitter End!
Roddy: NO! Jumping knee! Butterfly bomb!
Pete: ...kickou
Strong: Hold! Tap! Tap out, damnit!
Pete: beats hell out of the injured hand Upkicks! Triangle! Are these broken?
Roddy: Hey, no, man, c'mon
Pete: snap snap What about now?!
Roddy: screams
Pete: What about these?
Roddy: taps out
Velveteen Dream: totally isn't trying to sneak up on Dunne and clobber him with the title
Pete: turns around
Dream: smiles politely and slides the title down his shoulder
Roddy: Hey! That didn't matter! Next Saturday the title is mine! Mine!
Full Sailors: Triple threat! Triple threat! Triple threat!
Dream and Dunne: Sure, Jan.
Roddy: stomps up the ramp
Dream: poses, as is his wont
Dunne: snaps Dream's fingers, as is his wont Bitter End! Finally. smirks
Roddy: talks more smack from the apex of the ramp
Dunne: shrugs and smirks again